VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 4) – Olumide Fatunsin

When she came out of the toilet, she saw her sister who was visibly shaking because of the dream she had. They sat on the bed holding their hands without saying anything.

After some minutes, Stella broke the silence, “Sister, why is our Uncle after us?”

“I don’t know and we have no one to confide in” Sophia said in a low tone.

After some minutes, Sophia tapped her shoulder to wake her up from the realm of uncertainty.

“What are you thinking about?” Sophia asked.

“I have a friend who knows how to interpret dreams” Stella said with an air of confidence.

Sophia thought for a while, went to pick a Bible from her luggage and placed it beside her pillow.

“Now, I remember. Flora once told me to read Psalms 35 seven times and then touch the walls with the Bible. Thereafter, I can place it under my pillow” Stella said staring at the wall.

“Why?” Sophia asked.

“She told me to do it whenever I have a dreadful dream and that it is a powerful weapon against the enemies.”

Immediately, they rose up and took turn to read Psalms 35 seven times. Then, Sophia began to touch everything in their room with the Bible, including their books, body creams, shoes etc.

“Sister, don’t forget to touch the door handle in order for the enemies to be electrocuted” Stella said fearfully.

Sophia smiled as she went ahead to touch it. Suddenly, the Bible dropped from her hand.

“Ha Sister! Does it work? Did you feel anything? But you are not my enemy…” Stella looked at her surprisingly.

Sophia picked the Bible and replied,

“Nothing works. The Bible got stuck in the door handle. After all, I am your dear sister.”

Stella blinked her eyes rapidly with a smile. They placed the Bibles carefully beside their pillows and slept off.

The ray of the sun shone into their room to wish them better day and remind them of hope. Sophia rubbed her heavy eyes, tapped her sister to wake up and they quickly dressed up for the day.

Fear gripped Stella when her sister finally packed her luggage and was about to leave.

“Stella, make sure you study and pass your exams. If you want to be a medical doctor, you must pass with flying colours. Don’t be distracted. Your future is bright and you must work for it. Is that clear?” Sophia admonished her.

“I will study and pass. I promise you…Em, I will try my best…”

Sophia noticed she was a bit agitated.

“Is everything OK?”

“Yes” she nodded

“Are you hiding something from me?” She asked.

Stella didn’t respond.

“Stella, are you hiding something from me?” she asked her again.

Stella was about to answer when someone knocked the door.

“Will you go without informing me?” Uncle Joe roared from outside.

Immediately, Stella hid behind her sister and began to sob again.

“Uncle, I will see you before I leave.” Sophia replied him without opening the door.

“What’s going on? Tell me. Stella, what’s on your mind? I’m your sister. Please,tell me something…” Sophia asked her.

Stella raised her head and looked in the direction of the window.

“Sister, it’s better to leave on time” Stella said without looking at her sister.

Sophia was surprised to see her sudden change of mood. She was troubled and asked her again,

“Stella, don’t hide anything from me. Otherwise, you will leave this house very soon.”

“No, who will pay my fees and other expenses? Let me stay in this hell.” Stella confessed.

“I am not comfortable again with your attitude. Immediately my applications go through, you will leave here. Is that clear?” Sophia said hopefully.

“Yes, your royal highness!” she said with laughter but Sophia wasn’t moved by her salutation.

Stella opened the door and dragged her sister’s luggage towards the main road.
After waiting for her sister for some minutes, she tried to call her phone but it didn’t go through. She tried twice and gave up when it didn’t go through.

As soon as she turned to go back to the house, a huge…

To be continued in Episode 5.

Olumide Fatunsin

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