Sponsored: God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry invites you to her special last sunday service themed: Glory Restoration


In the book of Romans chapter 3 v 23. Glory of mankind was lost on the altar of sin, which means sin was responsible for loss of Glory. Adams and Eve lost their initial Glory on altar of disobedience to God’s commandment. Cain lost the Glory of God in his life when he murdered his brother Abel.

There are lot of people in the Bible that lost their Glory as a result of sin. God loves us so much, but dislikes our sins. There are consequences for sin, which are manifestations in the form of disappointments, failures, sickness, affliction ,torments ,shame and disgrace. The opposite of Glory is shame and disgrace, hence whenever sin is committed, satan takes the advantage to steal peoples Glory.

Without sin there is no punishment and loss of Glory. I declare that any of you that is under satanic torment as a result of sin, receive your deliverance now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Ichabod in the book of 1Samuel 4 v21 means The Glory has departed from Israel since Ark of God had been captured , king Saul and his son died in one day, tragedy and calamity became the order of the day when the Glory is cut short Romans 3v23.

Satan specialises in stealing and hijacking Glory, when man committs sin.

Jesus Christ is a Glory restorer, He came to set us free from bondage of sin, and its consequences through his vicarious death on the cross of calvary and resurrection from death.

I am inviting you to a special last Sunday of the month program ‘GLORY RESTORATION’, so as to pray together for the restoration of our Glory.

Venue: plot 100, 4th Avenue, near Eco bank/chembian plaza, Gwarinpa,Abuja

Facebook (live) Abiola Matthew

Time :9:00am

God bless you and restore your Glory in the name of Jesus Christ

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