“RUNNING AGAINST THE WIND” – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

Exodus 19:5
5. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine.

Some times ago, during one of our foreign mission trips, we came across one of our ministry friends who told us, as he was conveying us from the airport, how he came to the field in that spiritually dry land. Back home in Africa, God had told him He wanted him to serve Him in one of the Asian countries, specifically, in India. But he was in objection to the call to that type of mission fields. He rejected the call and told God if he would go to mission field at all, he would like to serve in either UK or USA, but not in India. So he bluntly refused to accept the call to missions in that country.

Therefore, with the help of a friend, he got a UK visa, and instructed a travel agent to book him on a flight to UK. The travel agent got him a flight ticket to London, but the flight would have to transit through India. With excitement he boarded the plane on his way to London for the mission work. The plane had a stop-over in India and our friend was to check through the immigration for his onward trip to UK. As his traveling document was being checked through by the immigration officers, they stepped him aside and soon, a policemen led him to a corner. He kept wondering what the problem was. Soon, he was brought into another office where the officers told him he was carrying a fake UK visa, and he will have to be prevented from traveling further. He was arrested and detained in their cell.

He was astounded. It all seemed like a dream to him. How would he be arrested and detained in an Indian airport, when his destination was UK. His friend would be expecting him in London and there was no way of sending messages back home to tell his people about his where-about. He thought the matter would be resolved so soon, but, it escalated. From the airport detention, he was charged to court for carrying a fake traveling document; and from court, he was sentenced to jail, in India.

In tears, he landed in the midst of horrible cell-mates. The people who shared cell with him were hardened criminals and horribly people. He cried. He entered the prison with his Bible and a notebook, drenched in tears. In his confusion and tearful prayer sessions, his eyes opened to the spiritual reason for his predicament.

He knew he had been arrested by God for disobeying the will of God. God had sent him to the Mission fields in India, he had wanted to run away to UK. God had intercepted his journey by giving him a transit journey to UK via India so that He could detain him in India. When he saw all those divine conspiracy, he knelt down in the prison and cried unto God. He told God he surrendered. He told God he was sorry. He told God if He would release him from the Indian Prison, he would serve him in the land. Then, the Lord spoke to him that He would release him. After this resolution, he began to wait for his release which did not come so soon as he expected.

Meanwhile, The Lord told him, instead of waiting to be released, he should begin his mission work in the prison cell. So he began to minister to his inmates through the help of an interpreter, a fellow inmate. Then, he began to listen to their various problems and the various reasons for their imprisonment.

From their explanations, and sharing of their various reasons for coming into prison, he was able to gain a lot of knowledge and have a lot of information on how to operate in the land without walking into traps. The Lord began to open his eyes to the main problems of the land and how to tackle them. He became a pastor in the prison, solving many inmates’ problems and showing them light, and at the same time, praying that the Lord would perform a miracle for him and release him.

Against all odds, one morning, a prison officer came to his cell and announced to him: “You can go. We are ordered to release you.” It was like being in a dream. He came out of the prison, already speaking their language and overwhelmed with giving solutions to their socio-spiritual problems. His ministry had started already, right inside the prison. It is a true life story.

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