God is waiting for you – FaithFire Oluwanifemi Ubong

If you have the call of God upon your life into ministry (the fivefold specifically) and you’re yet disobeying. Because you don’t wanna be stupid, you don’t wanna be poor you say! thinking we’re poor because we’re in ministry, very laughable)

I don’t receive anything from our ministry, not even a welfare package, and you think I’m broke because of that? I laugh.

You have the call of God upon your life, and you’re delaying you wanna make money first, as the ministry needs money (make money for God right? Extremely laughable)

You have the call of God upon your life and because of the seeming good life you’re enjoying in the secular, you make your job the major and your ministerial assignment the minor, you know that God wants you to be a frontliner, but you’re trying to bribe God with being a dedicated church worker. “Afterall being a deacon I okay” you say

Remember the call of God is without repentance. Yes God can replace you for an assignment that requires urgency, but that call will never be revoked

You can disobey for hundred years, one day, you’ll remember and wish you never did what you did. You’ll have spent all of your entire life in vanity.

You feel you’re too young to yield?

Instead of you to submit under Mentorship and start towing your path, hahaha, if you like run for 100 years, you will never be fulfilled.

How far can you run from God?

Sooner or later, you’ll say yes (if you ever will) why not say it now and start early.

Listen to me. Anything outside purpose is absolute vanity.

Tell yourself the truth, do you feel fulfilled yet all these years with all the highly paid job you have? VANITY.

God is waiting for you.

FaithFire Oluwanifemi Ubong

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