The three cultists that came to the church (The dangers of disobedience)

During today’s Sunday Service, the Senior Pastor gave a shocking revelation about the dangers of disobedience.

She said during one of the Sunday services, while she was on the alter preaching, the Lord opened her eyes to see three young men who were sent on assignment against the church. The Lord revealed their identities and their mission, so she called them out to the front of the church, and asked them to face the congregation, and pray for the church. The young men were obviously confused why they would be asked to pray for the church, so they did reluctantly.

After the prayer, the woman of God asked them to give their lives to Jesus Christ, because the future she was seeing about them was very bleak. One of them gave his life to Jesus Christ, while the other two just mouthed the confession of giving their life to Christ without sincerity. The later went back into culitism, while the former remained in the church serving God.

In today’s service, the woman of God asked the church, “do you remember the three young men I called out the other day?” The church answered yes. She said to the church, one of them is here, while the other two are dead. They died in thesame month, one died on the 3rd, the other died on the 18th, from cult related activities, but the one that gave his life to Christ, is here with us in today’s service.

This is a shocking revelation of how disobedience has cut short many destinies. The two young men had the opportunity to be saved and be set free by Jesus Christ, but they were not sensitive to the call of God.

Give your life to Jesus Christ, tommorow might be too late.

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