VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 2) – Olumide Fatunsin

Sophia dragged her sister into the bathroom and locked it. Before she reached the door, their Uncle was standing by the door fuming with anger.

“Where is Stella?”

“Where is your good-for-nothing sister?” He asked looking around the house.

Sophia stood still with renewed courage to challenge their wicked Uncle.

“What has she done again?” She asked wearily.

“Sophia, are you asking me or pleading?” he replied.

“I will teach her another lesson today?” He continued.

“Your dead parents didn’t train you well” Uncle Joe roared.

On hearing this, Sophia raised her right hand to heaven with her eyes red with grief.

“You have said it over and over again. We aren’t bothered again. We will surely leave this hell one day” Sophia lamented.

“Who created the hell?”

“And two sisters are living in that hell”

“I repeat, where is Stella?” He shouted.

She didn’t answer him but looked in the direction of the white wall clock.

“Sir, this is nine minutes past ten” She pointed to the clock.

“Oh… Oh… And so? He said releasing his clenched fist.

“OK, Stella must see me early tomorrow morning”

Sophia pretended not to hear his order but moved outside the room to allow him leave immediately.

Uncle Joe surveyed the room briefly and smiled.

Sophia was a bit confused when she saw his sudden change of countenance.

“Sophia, no need for your sister to meet me tomorrow morning.” he said while looking at their photo which was hung on the wall.

She became troubled again with his change of mind and hissed when he left their room. She hurriedly locked the door and went to the bathroom.

“Stella, what did he do to you? He was fuming in anger when entered. Tell, what happened?” Sophia asked her.

“Leave Joe, I mean Uncle Joe alone. His case file will be dealt with later.”

“It was Aunty Rebecca who forced me to go to Chief Anslem’s house after my pleadings fell on deaf ears” Stella said.

“What! Chief Anslem?”…

To be continued in Part 3.

Olumide Fatunsin

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