Today’s Word – 17/07/2020


Isaiah 61:7

Instead of your shame you shall have double honor,And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion.Therefore in their land they shall possess double;Everlasting joy shall be theirs.


God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man, that He should repent. What He says He will do, that is exactly what He does.

The above scripture talks about two key features;

1. God is replacing every unfavourable situation with double of His blessings.

2. The blessings of God brings Joy and excitement.

No matter what your situation might be, the Lord says, have I not spoken? And will I not make it good?

-He is replacing your shame with double honour

-He is replacing your financial difficulties with double portion of prosperity

-He is replacing barenness with double portion of fruitfulness

-He is replacing the years that the cankerworm, caterpillars and palmer worms has eaten, with a double portion of the anointing that’s secures a bright future.


1. We must take away every form of filthiness or sin from our lives.

The bible tells us in the book of Romans 3:23, that all have sinned and falling short of the glory of God. The books of Proverbs 28:13, also tells us that any man that conceals his sin will not prosper, but if he confesses and turns away from them, he will receive mercy. However, for us to be beneficiaries of the promises of God, we must kick sin out of the door.

2. The responsibility of asking

There is a popular saying, which goes as thus; “A closed mouth is a closed destiny “.

The books of Mathew 7:7, says, ask it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. We have a responsibility of asking, by making our demands known to God. If we don’t ask, we won’t receive, but He has assured us that when we ask, it will surely be given to us.

3. We must hold unto God’s words

The book of 2 Corinthians 1:20, tells us that the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him, Amen. God’s promises are sure, and reliable. We must come to the realization of the absolute truth that the promises of God never fails. We must resist every attempt by the devil to sell us a lie, or make us doubt God. Hold unto God, by holding Him by His words, and He will satisfy you with His goodness.


As you step out today, the blessings of the Lord will single you out for greatness, in Jesus name, amen.

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