VOYAGE WITH THE CAPTAIN (Episode 1) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as the light went off, Sophia cringed with tears on her face. After two minutes, the door knob turned gently and this made her to close her eyes expecting the worst.

The ray from the torch light made her to gasp with occasional shivering.

“Sister Sophia… Sister Sophia” the sonorous voice echoed.

Sophia managed to peep through the duvet she had used to cover herself. Before she could say anything, Stella fell on the hard floor.

Sophia jumped out of the bed to see what had befallen her younger sister. She took her torch from the floor to examine her.

“Stella… Stella… Stella” she called with her sorrow-laden voice.

“What happened to you? Tell me! Open your eyes”

There was still no response. She panicked a bit and rose up to call their Uncle but decided against it.

She ran into the bathroom to get some water and sprinkled on her face. Suddenly, the light came back and she was able to see a mark on her cheek.

She took the first aid box from under the bed and dressed the wound immediately. By now, Stella had managed to open her eyes and spoke softly.

“Sister Sophia… He… He… He… tried to…”

Stella couldn’t speak further but her Sister knelt beside her with tears flowing down her chubby cheek.

After a while, she sat on the floor and placed her sister’s head on her thigh singing their favourite dialect song.

Like a soothing balm, the song worked on Stella and she opened her eyes. Their eyes met and the fond memories came back.

Sophia held her hands in order to comfort her when they heard a sudden cry outside the door.

Sophia dragged her sister into the bathroom and locked it. Before she could reach the main door…

To be continued in part 2.


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