THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 31) – Olumide Fatunsin

We both laughed over it but God had solved my curiosity. By the time I got home, I saw a piece of paper on the center table. My right hand shivered as I read its content. I quickly ran to her room and saw that she had packed some of her belongings and left. I was worried as her phone didn’t go through. The more I called her phone, the more tensed I became. To involve others was out of it as I had determined to take things calmly and table it before God in prayers.

As I thought on the wedding preparation, the new level God had placed us and the sudden turn of tide, hot tears gushed out of my wearied eyes. I sat on her bed looking around if I could get a clue of her whereabouts but nothing pointed to anything. I tried to call her again but it didn’t connect.

I rose up to check the whole house to be sure she wasn’t playing prank on me. When I got to the kitchen, I saw there was no fruits in the basket and one of the packets of the orange juice was missing and I knew she had left for real. I couldn’t fathom where she might have gone because her known friends were former boyfriends except Mrs Becky. She once told me of her generosity and her effort in ensuring she wasn’t deported when life showed her its unfriendly side. I tried to remember her city or contact but there was no idea whatsoever. I knelt beside the chair near the TV and lifted my voice to God to intervene. There was no enough strength to cry to God except to plead for his mercy and divine intervention.

Later, I sat down flipping through my phone contacts if I could find anyone who could help me. It was unfortunate I didn’t have Pastor Samuel’s number. I decided to call Sister Mary who was one of the ushers to send his number to me.

“Hello Sister Rebecca! I waved at you about two hours ago after the church service today.”

“Me? Where?”

“Around the Zoo.” She replied.

“Oh OK…” I thanked her after collecting his phone number. She wanted to talk further but the urgent situation won’t allow me.

I was about to call Pastor Samuel when his call came in. He told me he couldn’t get my aunt on her phone and asked if everything was alright. I just told him that my aunt heard strange information about him and had since fled. I had thought he would be shocked but he just smiled and promised to come with his younger sister. Within twenty minutes, Pastor Samuel and Ruth arrived and I narrated everything that happened to him. The way he handled it made me to respect him the more. He allowed his sister to tell the whole truth about him and I was amazed they knew Sister Eunice and another sister in the church were behind the rumours.

We held our hands together and prayed in faith for God’s guidance and protection over my aunt. Another thing that baffled me was that he didn’t pray for God’s judgement upon Eunice and her friend but prayed for God’s mercy on them. I remembered listening to one popular preacher on the TV shouting,

“I’m angry in the spirit… Pray that all your enemies including the ones who misunderstood you be crushed by caterpillar and be roasted by fire hotter than hell fire… May your enemies never receive God’s mercy… May your household enemies and their generations perish forever… May your life be more toxic than sulphuric acid for the enemies to handle and more dangerous than a dynamite to blow them off… ”

I noticed his sermons and prayers were always centered on cockroaches, lizards, butterflies, rodents, bats even mosquitoes being agents of the devil. Every of his sermon must contain devil in it. For instance,

“Crush the devil by force.”

“Devil, see fire in my eyes.”

“You are a loser, Mr devil.”

But the topic that pissed me off was,

“Devil, I will eventually crush your head in hell fire”

I thanked God for using Nadia to warn me against false preachers because I had thought every Gospel preacher was sent from God. I later learnt the preacher had two wives and preached against holiness and restitution.

When I told Pastor Samuel what Sister Mary revealed to me, we went toward the area of Frankfurt Zoo. We were so fortunate to see my aunt’s car around Barenstrasse and started trailing her until she reached the central train station area. My blood pressure was alternating as I didn’t want us to miss the opportunity. I didn’t know what she was up to but we kept following her until she alighted around the main tower and we cornered her.

Ruth took her aside to persuade her when she wanted to flee after she saw Pastor Samuel. I remembered a phase in my parents’ relationship too when my father suspected my mother had an affair with Chief Babatola, a retired teacher based on what he heard from one of his friends. He didn’t ask or investigate the matter but rained abuses on my mother which almost strained their relationship. When the truth finally came out, my mother had to caution him against taking quick decision based on suspicion and I learnt great lesson from it. Suspicion or hearsay can destroy a thriving marriage or friendship. I had to convince my aunt to listen to him first before judging him.

When we got home, he repeated what he had already told me and my aunt was pacified and her trust was restored. Pastor Samuel even called his parents in Kenya to confirm the truth and joy was restored to their relationship. I even teased her that I was leaving the house because I suspected she was a witch and we burst into laughter.

Nadia and I passed our German language courses and had to wait for the outcome of our scholarship applications. Since we still had enough time, we continued with intermediate level in our language course. This afforded us the opportunity to perfect our language skills and continued with our spiritual assignments. She had taught me the rudiments of personal evangelism and God gave us a Chinese convert. So, we used to spend time with her and her heart was opened to learn more about God.

After some weeks, my parents were able to apply for their German visas and the wedding preparation was in top gear. My aunt and I had grown again from the level of sisters to friends as we rubbed minds together on the plans and preparations. She expressed her fears how she would cope with church duties as a Pastor’s wife but I reminded her of the revelation of helping the victims of prostitution and other assignments. I knew she was stepping into a bigger role and I assured her of God’s grace and anointing.

Then, one night I asked my aunt about my decision to get an accommodation for myself. She asked for the reason and I told her she needed to enjoy her privacy with “Uncle Sam”. She pulled my right ear jokingly and told me to mind my tongue. She didn’t agree with me but suggested we would cross the bridge after the wedding.

We were still talking when she received a call. It was unusual to receive a call at such time of the night. She turned to me and said…

To be continued in Episode 32.

Olumide Fatunsin

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