THE EFFICACY OF PROPHECY!!! (Finding Hope Amidst Troubled Times And Seasons) – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Many years ago, there was an early morning devotion (a Breakfast meeting) held at the Aso Rock (the seat of power of the Nigerian President) and called by the then president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Great men of God and spiritual fathers in the country were in attendance (mention names). Bishop David Oyedepo was the preacher and the service was awesome.

While the service was underway, the mighty hand of God came upon Bishop Francis Wale Oke and the Lord said to him, “Prophesy”.

“Lord, in this atmosphere? Please Lord I don’t want to disrupt the order of service”, Papa retorted.

Papa said the Lord told him at that moment, “Prophesy, or I kill you”. Gbam!!!

You see, there are levels in the prophetic. Authority determines responsibility in spiritual things, and please don’t forget that!

What does a little boy like me know about the prophetic to argue with a man of God of that spiritual standing to begin to talk New Creation Realities that God could never say that?

He said God told him, “Prophesy or I kill you”. It’s not everybody that will hear that kind of word; stay in your calling and know your level of commission.

A man whom God told to go anoint General Olusegun Obasanjo as the next president of Nigeria shortly after he was released from prison and one thing led to the other; it came to pass, you think he didn’t know what he was saying?

Well, Baba summoned courage and the service was “interrupted” with prophetic outburst, “Thus saith the Lord to the nation; something unprecedented and of a very high magnitude will break forth on the landscape; IT WILL SHAKE THE NATION TO THE CORE, but after a season, a new era of peace, abundance and prosperity will be ushered in”.

I just had to paraphrase because I can’t remember everything word-for-word.

Well, many waters have passed under the bridge; stuffs have happened; Nigeria has gone through seasons of trial, turmoil and turbulence but the nation is still standing today.

We’re not heroworshipping any man but recognizing the Grace of God upon them.

When fathers like Bishop Francis Wale Oke speak, then it’s wisdom to pay attention.

I will give examples of three of his prophetic decrees over the nation and one to our ministry.

First, in the early 80s during President Shagari’s government, Papa told a bike man that very soon, the military will take over the government.

Just some couple of minutes after he said that, announcement was made on Radio that the military had taken over the government.
The bike man was afraid of the kind of man Papa was.

Second, in 1998 shortly after General Olusegun Obasanjo was released from Yola prison, Bishop Wale Oke got a Newspaper and when he saw the emaciating picture of Obasanjo, he was moved to tears and he layed hands on the Newspaper and started praying for General Obasanjo.

While he was praying, the Lord spoke clearly to him to pick his bottle of oil and go look for Obasanjo and anoint him because he would be the next President of Nigeria.

Now that for me was the climax of Papa’s prophetic national assignment “as at then” because Obasanjo himself was not even thinking of politics, more so he just came out of prison, and also the military was still in control of the nation from centre to circumference.

When Bishop finally located OBJ at Ota, Ogun State, and announced to him that God said he would be the next President of Nigeria, the latter retorted, “What did I leave in the state house?”.

All the same, he obliged and that was it. Shortly after that encounter, northern leaders led by IBB and the likes adopted Obasanjo as the sole candidate of the PDP and the rest is history. What a high level of prophetic accuracy!

Third, in the early part of the year 2010, I was part of a Ministers’ Early Morning Meeting at Osogbo where Bishop Francis Wale Oke was ministering.

At that time in the nation, the political landscape was sketchy and it was really a dicey situation.

The reason being that the then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua had been flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment and people were not really sure of what would ensue on the national scene.

In the course of the meeting, Bishop said, “Thus saith the Lord; Yar’Adua is not the President; Jonathan is the President. Yar’Adua is not coming back as President; Jonathan is the next President of Nigeria, and all the voices of opposition in Abuja will go into silence”.

Now I was there LIVE! It’s not that somebody said. I was there that day and Papa ministered with a cream-coloured suit. The rest of course is history!

Fourth, I was at Advanced Ministers’ Seminar (a monthly ministers’ meeting organized by Papa tagged AMS) few years ago.

At that time, the land lord of our church facility had already concluded to discontinue our use of the facility by the end of the first quarter of the year because he wanted to use it for bar. Well, we took the matter up in prayer.

While Papa was ministering that day, he said, “There’s a man of God here. The landlord of your current church facility has threatened to give you a quit notice and that’s to be effected by the end of this first quarter. The Lord says He has moved in now and taken over the situation”.

Mehn!!! I ran out, took a seed in my hand and laid it on the altar in faith. The next time I spoke with the landlord, his language had changed. He had rescinded his decision and the rest is history.

Beloved, who said the prophetic is not real? I’m very sure if you met the “economic adviser” that argued with Elisha’s prophecy – 2 Kgs. 7:1-2 (wherever he is now), he would tell you that prophecy is real and that it’s risky to doubt God’s word.

Why did I tell you all of these? TO ENCOURAGE YOU DEAR FRIEND. If it is God’s word, it will not fail. All else may fail but the word of our Lord abides forever – Isa.40:8.

Just ensure that it is God’s word that you’re running with; not your own agenda.


I tell people regularly that the first step you take on the vision lane is that YOU MUST SEPERATE WHAT THE LORD HAS SAID FROM WHAT THE LORD HAS NOT SAID.

It will help you a great deal. If you’re running with what God has not said, then you’re on your own, but if you’re running with the true word from the Lord, even if nobody believes you, it makes no difference because the Lord is all there for you.

Therefore choose to believe His word to you. Despise not prophesyings, the Bible says – 1 Thess.5:20.

I know that by now, a lot of Christians would be thinking, “In the wake of Corona Virus Outbreak, we had promising prophetic words that gave us hope. But now over 500 thousand people have died globally from the pandemic and cases of infections and fatalities are rising exponentially by the day. What do we believe?”.

Beloved, truth is that God is faithful still and His word is sure and steadfast forever.

No doubt; it’s a season of dark and gloom in the world but for God’s precious children, the word of God is our sure anchor amidst raging storms and windy tempests.

God is too FAITHFUL to FAIL. He didn’t lift you up to let you down. He didn’t teach you to swim to let you drown. He didn’t put His hope in you to move away. He didn’t bring you this far to let you down!


Hold fast to His words to you!

Let them not slip from your heart!!

Believe in your prophecies!!!

They will surely come to pass if you play your part!!!

I hear THE SOUND OF TESTIMONIES in your tent!!!



3 thoughts on “THE EFFICACY OF PROPHECY!!! (Finding Hope Amidst Troubled Times And Seasons) – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

  1. I believe in prophecy. I am the first born daughter of one of the most anointed prophetesses of our time. God bless my mother, prophetess Sarah Michael of the City of God Healing and Deliverance Ministry International, Lokoja, Logo State, Nigeria

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  2. God gave us assurance in His words, power of death and life is in our tongue, power to kill and to bring back to life have been given to mankind in as much we obey God’s commandments, God demostrated the power of prophecy in the book Genesis 1v3, when the whole world was in darkness and without form. God commanded Prophet Ezekiel to prophecying to the dried bone and the dried bone came back to life Ezekiel 37.When we read our BIBLE and apply the instructions therein to our daily life , we will see miracles happening .Every word we pronounce really matter in the spiritual realms. Don’t say negative things be optimistic in your thoughts and imagination,

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