Earlier this morning 2/7/2020 around 5:00am, while on my way to ‘Covenant Hour of Prayer’ from the Pastors’ lodge to the church premises, I met some parents (one of them is a church member) carrying a DYING child. After we exchanged greetings, they disclosed that they were carrying the child (Sesugh Ayavga) to my house. I therefore instructed that they follow me to church for the CHOP.
On getting to church I lay the baby to a wooden table and covered him. We started the service. At the end when we had shared ‘the grace’ I invited the parents of the baby, we prayed together and anointed him, then he moved and opened his eyes, but was still barely breathing, then I PLAYED A TAPE BY BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO and let it by the baby’s side. IN THE COURSE OF THE PREACHING, THE BISHOP DECLARED that “YOU HAVE ESCAPED!” repeatedly. Behold the baby started vomiting a blackish substance as shown above and then he engaged in a prolonged urination AND STOOD ON HIS FEET! Glory to God. Extended family, neighbours and friends crowded the church premises to see for themselves. TO GOD ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY!!
(Ngohol Moses Bem)

Courtesy: The Fruitful Vine Facebook Page

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