Prophetic Declarations By Dr Paul Enenche For The Month Of July

– This month shall favour you!

– Everything that is meant for you in this month is released into your hands

– Help from above is released upon you now!

– Every mark the devil has put on your body is set on fire now!

– Every climate of hardship and struggle that the enemy has positioned around your life, on this Blessing Sunday, it is over!

– By the time God is through with your life, your impact will be ahead of your insult! (1Chron. 2:55; 4:9-10)

– Anything that has conspired to narrow your life and efforts, today I announce, that conspiracy is broken!

– God is going to turn you into a wonder! What they said you cannot achieve, not only will you achieve it but generations will come out of you and also achieve it, in Jesus’ Name.

– Wherever the devil, the world or people kept you, God is taking you out of there now!

– What God has said about your life must happen! It must come to pass!

– Anything that has followed you from your birth that is fighting the plan of God for your life, today, it is arrested!

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