THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 30) – Olumide Fatunsin

It was on a Sunday after church service when Pastor Samuel called me and my aunt to his office and told us plainly that he would like to invite my parents to attend my aunt’s wedding. We were dumbfounded and surprised to hear it. He further told us he took that step in order to allow some of our families to witness their wedding and fulfill his desire to have a taste of Nigerian wedding ceremony. Pastor Samuel worked in a company and earned good money from his car business too.

My aunt couldn’t believe her eyes how God started turning everything around for good in her life. The church members were all out preparing for the wedding and leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of our Pastor’s wedding. Some testified how God had used him to bring them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and standing with them during their challenges. Another surprise was the honour being accorded my aunt and their readiness to support her.

I was the one who broke the news to my parents about their invitation to Germany and they were short of words. In fact, my mother burst into tears and my father kept saying God is wonderful… God makes a way where there is no way. My aunt took the phone from me and told my mother briefly about her past lifestyle and what God of wonders had decided to do in her life. We told them we would inform them of further developments.

After some days, I was able to submit my scholarship application and Nadia’s parents promised to lend their own support too. We continued with the preparation of the wedding and my aunt was on top of the world. Our bond grew stronger and we started relating like sisters. Another side of my aunt I never knew before was her dancing skill. She left her phone in the sitting room when Pastor Samuel called. I took it to her room where she had gone to prepare for the evening Bible study in the church.

When I opened the door, she was digging it left and right listening to a Yoruba christian song. I stood there with her phone still vibrating in my hand like a husband waiting to be ushered into the room to see his glorious wife adorned with beautiful attires. I didn’t believe my aunt could dance like that and I joined her singing praises to God. We were still doing our dancing competition when her phone rang the second time and handed it over to her. She was breathing heavily while she talked with him. What I saw on her face as she talked with him was joy and satisfaction. Her love for God and church had grown tremendously. The way they conversed seemed they had known each other for a long time.

It was on a Saturday when my aunt came back from the city center and burst into tears. It was strange as nothing suggested she sustained any injury or had a rift with anybody. I didn’t know whether I should ask her questions or console her. She stared into the blank TV and I looked at it to be sure if it was on or off.

“Aunt Sharon, tell me, what happened?”

She gave me her phone to read the text message someone sent to her. I became helpless immediately I read it. There was perfect silence for some minutes before I could say anything. She looked at me to hear my response.

“I don’t believe it. No, I don’t know what to say again.” I managed to say.

She collected her phone and showed me another text message and it broke my heart. It seemed our world had finally crumbled. My aunt finally spoke,

“Rebecca, I told you. Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to go into any relationship with him. See the result.”

My brain went on a recess and my saliva decided to vacate my mouth and took coverage in another part of my body. I didn’t know what to say or do. Suddenly I remembered what Mama Bolanle told my mother when she newly gave her life to Jesus,

“When you are confused on any matter, calm down and pray to God that His light would shine on you and that the Spirit of God would give you understanding and wisdom.”

As soon as I prayed silently, I became strengthened to tackle the challenge at hand.

“Aunt Sharon, do you believe Pastor Samuel is married with kids in Kenya?”

She didn’t answer me. I asked again,

“Do you believe the report of Sister Eunice? Do you believe he had slept with her before?”

She looked at me as if I was asking for her debit card ATM pin code. When I asked her to call Sister Eunice to confirm again, she told me she had already spoken with her. I knew something was fishy because it was the same Sister Eunice who met me after the Sunday service some weeks before asking me why my aunt didn’t want to marry a Nigerian. When I demanded to know the reason for asking, she said Kenyans loved to marry from their tribes. I later realised she also hailed from Kenya. I immediately told my aunt to cheer up and promise to ask Sister Eunice the following day after church service. My aunt wasn’t comfortable with my suggestion and she preferred not to ask Pastor Samuel because she feared the worst.

Eunice didn’t come to the church that day and to make matter worse, my aunt refused to meet Pastor Samuel after the church service. All my efforts to make her see from my angle failed. She drove home but left me behind. I didn’t blame her because she had been so sceptical from the beginning how a handsome and rich young man would overlook other beautiful sisters in our church and fell in love with ex-prostitute and good-for-nothing woman. I had cautioned and assured her many times that Jesus Christ had forgiven and washed away her sins with his precious blood. She only believed a man with the same immoral past should marry her.

I avoided meeting Pastor Samuel too but I took it upon myself to find out the truth. As I was about leaving the church, bro William approached me to enquire about my language course. My mind was occupied with different thoughts when he was busy asking me to say some sentences to him in German.
“Bro William, where is sister Eunice?” was my response to his question.

“Sister Eunice? She has started attending another church.”

“Why?” I asked.

He looked around to be sure nobody was nearby,

“She was disciplined for sleeping with Bro Mark.” he said.

“Ha! Bro Mark, our Sunday school teacher?”

“Yes! The church authority suspended them for three months.”

“But bro Mark came to church today?” I asked.

He looked around and whispered,

“Of course. Bro Mark promised to stay but as for sister Eunice…”

“What happened to her? Tell me.”

He beckoned to me to follow him to the side of the road and continued,

“Sister Rebecca, you know we work in the same company. She once told me she would do anything to marry our Pastor and she desired to be addressed as Mummy Eunice…Mama Eunice… Pastor Eunice…”

We both laughed over it but God has solved my curiosity. By the time I got home, I saw a piece of paper on the center table. My right hand shivered as I read its content. I quickly ran to her room and saw…

To be continued in Episode 31.

Olumide Fatunsin

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