THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 29) – Olumide Fatunsin

After a while, she asked after my aunt and I told her about my worry as I had called her phone five times but there was no response. She brought out her phone to call her and then passed the phone to me when she heard a voice. Immediately I said aunt Sharon, the line went off. Nadia and I suspected something was wrong and then someone knocked on the door. Out of joy, I went to open the door and then stood back when I saw Liam. He asked for my aunt and I told him she wasn’t around.

I stood at the door to prevent him from entering into the house. He wanted to plant a kiss on my cheek but I pushed him away. My action shocked him and he told me he would blackmail me and my aunt except we danced to his tune. The courage and the wisdom that enveloped at that moment wasn’t ordinary. I knew God wanted me to do something about the situation. I asked him to tell me what he wanted from us.

“I want you to return all the money I used to bring you here from your shithole country.” Liam said boastfully.

“Is that all?” I responded.

He was surprised to see my boldness and said,

“What do you mean? If you sell your parents and your siblings, you won’t be able to pay all. Is that clear?”

I just smiled and asked if he knew the whereabouts of my aunt.

“What a foolish question! I came to see her and you are asking me of her whereabouts. For your information, I give you one week to return my money or else…” He said pointing his huge index finger at me.

“Mr Liam, what other option is left apart from returning the money? Now, tell me your plan.” I asked him with a serious look.

He rubbed his hands and sighed deeply, “I want you to join our beautiful club. That’s all.”

Immediately he drew close to me again, I perceived the smell of my aunt’s perfume on his body and I knew he was trying to play a game with me.

“Liam, give me two days to think about it and I will get back to you. I need your phone number and your house address. Please, don’t inform my aunt. I will come to you.” He was glad when I told him my plan.

When he left, Nadia gave me her phone and asked me to listen to a recorded audio. I didn’t know she hid behind the door and recorded our conversation. What a brilliant idea! I told her my suspicion that my aunt had been held captive by him. He wanted to force me to join the club but I thanked God she had already confessed to me earlier. We thought on the best way to go about the issue at hand. The address he gave me was some streets away from our house. We took another route to get there in order to find out the truth.

When we reached number 10, Nadia decided to call Liam with her phone. When I expressed my fear of losing both ways, she reminded me of what I told her about Liam. He loved African women and would always say they surpassed the Germans in bedroom sport. We held our hands to pray for God’s guidance. She called his phone number twice before someone picked it. Nadia was surprised to hear aunt Sharon’s voice. She told her we were around his house and that solved the first puzzle. We were still thinking on the next step to take when we saw aunt Sharon with Liam came out of the house and took another direction.

We kept following them until they stopped around some blocks of flats. We saw Liam pointing to a house and my aunt nodding her head in response to his instructions. As soon as he left her, we followed her until she was about to enter the house. She was surprised to see us and warn us to leave the place to avoid complicating the issue at hand. Nadia told her to abort her plan to give in to his pressure. We persuaded her to leave the environment and follow us home.

She was still fearful of what Liam might do when we got home. Nadia played back his conversation with me and the shock on her face revealed the extent of her fear. She narrated how Liam cornered her when she was coming from the supermarket and threatening to expose her shady deals to her boss. His threats made her to follow him home on the condition of finalising their previous agreement to forcefully bring me into the club 18.

“He collected my phone and kept me in his bedroom. He even tried to sleep with me when his house phone rang. He was on the phone in the sitting room when I saw his mobile phone ringing on the bed. When I saw it was o2 number, a still small voice asked me to pick it. I was relieved when I heard Nadia’s voice. The caller on the phone with him was one of my former boyfriends. Tony, his friend decided to keep me in his house until Wednesday based on the agreement between you and Liam. I’m just confused.” My aunt lamented.

Nadia promised to contact her parents in regards to Liam but we resisted that suggestion. My aunt was in a fix but I had an unusual peace of mind. I remembered how God delivered me from Moyo and his men in my town and from the claws of Claire and the priestesses. I calmed her down with these testimonies just the same way David did before King Saul during their battle with Goliath and the Philistines.

Nadia prayed for us asking God to show us the way out. An idea dropped in my heart to call Liam. I picked my phone and called him to back off or else, he would cool his heels in prison. My aunt almost collected my phone when she saw the way I threatened him. He demanded to know in whose authority I called him. I simply told him about the recordings and the implication of raping me. He laughed and told me that my aunt was in his custody and he would deal with us until the river mississippi dried up.

“Liam, don’t ever underrate any African woman again. You played smart with us but God is omniscient. My aunt is with me here and if you dare take any further step, you will pay dearly for it. Mark my words!” I challenged him.

He paused for a while and replied,

“It’s a lie. Sharon is with me and you won’t see her until you accept my offer. By the way, how will you prove the rape allegation? This is not Africa. This is Europe! I mean, this is Germany!” He boasted again.

I beckoned to my aunt to speak as I gave her the phone,

“Liam, enough is enough. You have crossed the boundary and it is certain you will be prosecuted. Leave me alone! As for the money, give me one week and I will pay it. Anything else?”

Liam ended the call before I could say anything again. We turned to my aunt and told her all will be fine. Nadia prayed for us before leaving that night and we were so grateful for her gesture and love. My aunt hugged me as soon as Nadia left and wept. I began to wonder where the trait of weeping over my shoulder came from. My mother did the same and now my aunt too. I was younger than them in everything but they saw in me a shoulder to lean on. I concluded it wasn’t me but the God in me who had been after me for years and has finally saved me from the grip of the devil.

Before retiring to bed that night, I asked how much she owed him but she refused to tell me. The following day, Nadia’s father called me in regards to our previous discussion. I was so glad when he told me I was eligible to apply for the undergraduates’ scholarship and he expressed his optimism that I would be selected. This news greatly encouraged us and proved God is always faithful to His children.

After one week, my aunt paid the money and Liam called me never to contact him again.

“No problem. One thing is sure, you will still pay dearly for raping me. You may shut our mouths temporarily but it won’t be forever. Bye!” I replied him.

I began to grow spiritually as I read my Bible and listened to godly messages. Nadia contributed to my growth and she introduced us to her Pastor who took his time to teach us basic truths in the Bible. Pastor Samuel was a young pastor of a dynamic church in Frankfurt who also hailed from Kenya. We fell in love with the church but I perceived someone was in love with a person.

Within three months, Pastor Samuel told my aunt about his decision to marry her. My aunt rejected vehemently citing her past immoral lifestyle and low probability of giving birth again after some abortions. I didn’t understand the kind of Pastor samuel’s love when he told her about his conviction. My aunt even attempted to relocate because of him. It took my effort and God’s intervention to persuade her to give him the opportunity to express himself.

I remembered my aunt once told me how she dreamt of helping some vulnerable prostitutes and leading them to Jesus Christ. I reminded her of it when she told me God wasn’t involved. After a while, they began their courtship after she had revealed her past to him. Pastor Samuel cared for none of those things but affirmed God was able to make all things new.

It was on a Sunday after the church service when Pastor Samuel called me and my aunt to his office and told us plainly that…

To be continued in Episode 30.

Olumide Fatunsin

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