THREE MAJOR SKILLS THAT YOUNG PEOPLE SHOULD DEVELOP!!! (Vital Keys To Success And Greatness) -Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries BATEM

I once heard Papa, Bishop Mike Bamidele talk about THREE MAJOR SKILLS you need to acquire as a young man or woman for unhindered success and greatness.




Now when a father talks, you listen. I have found that to be VERY TRUE, even in ministry.

If you can master THESE THREE SKILLS, then you’re not far from success and greatness.

Most young people don’t know how to communicate. They have great ideas but they don’t know how to ventilate those ideas.

See, dear friend, you don’t “faith” skills; you consciously learn, acquire and develop skills.

Skills don’t come basically by IMPARTATION; they come by CULTIVATION.

As a young minister, you may have HOLY GHOST UTTERANCE but reading public speaking books will also be of help – I did that some years ago and I’m still doing it till date.

No matter how great your dream is, if you don’t know HOW TO TALK, you will be limited.

Some ministers of the Gospel, and even politicians have become victims of this.

Also, you need to learn RELATIONSHIP SKILLS. Relationship with fathers. Relationship with mothers. Relationship with elderly people. Relationship with friends and colleagues.

Relationship with family members. Relationship with younger people. Relationship in official settings and what have you.

You can have great vision and even great anointing, but if you don’t have relationship skills, then you will end up running your vision alone.

Your attitude of TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED will repel people from coming to you.

Then finally, you need to acquire FINANCIAL SKILLS.

If you don’t master it, even if money comes into your hand by FAVOUR, it will fly away by CARELESSNESS.

Some people don’t just know how to handle money. We’re not talking about being STINGY here; we’re talking about being PRUDENT.

Learning financial skills makes money to multiply in your hand.

On a final note, let me say this friends; remember Moses, even though God showed him what to do in the realm of the Spirit – Heb.8:5, yet he required MEN OF SKILL to put “flesh” on that “vision” – Exo.31:1-11.


I hope this is helpful dear friends?

Thank God for the privilege to learn at the feet of the fathers.

Stop blaming your SKIN; start improving your SKILL. The SKY is your begining!!!

I call you blessed!!!


6 thoughts on “THREE MAJOR SKILLS THAT YOUNG PEOPLE SHOULD DEVELOP!!! (Vital Keys To Success And Greatness) -Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries BATEM

  1. The Church is dare need of these skills sir. I know these skills are beneficial in all areas of life but d church needs to hear this! Manner of approach is key. Pride n arrogance must be taken out of d Church. We must improve ourselves to be able to communicate and stand your ground anywhere, anytime. Relationship must be maintained, mutual respect is key. And finally to be able to enjoy financial freedom n save yourself from financial embarrassment, financial skills must be learn. I am blessed indeed. Thanks for sharing, my wonderful teacher, pastor Hilary, God bless u sir.

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