THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 28) – Olumide Fatunsin

Nadia hugged me and told me to read the godly messages and bible verses she gave me. Immediately they left, my aunt sat me down to explain something to me. I knew she wanted to reveal some secrets to me. She went inside and came back with a paper. As soon as she started explaining what was written there, I didn’t have enough strength to stay awake again and I told her we would continue the following day. I went to my room and slept.

I had a dream where a Man appeared to me as I was walking on a narrow path. He told me to continue to follow that path without murmuring and to keep trusting God for strength for the journey ahead. He further told me that there would be challenges and distractions on the way. He promised to help me as long as I keep looking up to God alone. He later held my hand and handed a scroll to me. He asked me to open it and I saw written boldly on it, “A SANCTIFIED AND PREPARED VESSEL OF GOD”. He told me God has a purpose for me and he would be unfolding His plans as I follow Him in this journey to heaven. He laid His hands on me and blessed me.

Immediately he left, I woke up with tears of joy. I knew the meaning and it dawned on me why God had been calling and chasing me all these years. The only thing that came out of my mouth was to thank God for His mercy and faithfulness. I had to stay at home that Monday because of the injury I had and my aunt took permission to stay with me at home. We both expressed joy as we discussed and read bible together. Later, she explained what was written in the paper she showed me the previous day. I was shocked when she told me her plan to sell me into prostitution.

She reminded me how she had wanted to force me to sign those papers then. She said the guys suddenly withdrew from their agreement and warned her never to contact them again. Every attempt to sell me proved abortive. Another thing that shocked me was that she was privy to what Liam did to me. She said her intention was to relocate to another city and push me to the street in order to force me to go back to Nigeria. She begged me to forgive her which I did when I saw her sincerity.

She revealed many things about her past lifestyles when she arrived Germany which were really shameful. She mentioned how a Pastor who she looked up to for spiritual guidance defiled her repeatedly in his office citing that God loves a cheerful giver.

“He said his way of showing me his generosity was to deposit God’s blessings into my life and I believed him. How foolish I was! He didn’t help me financially as earlier promised and that made me to hate God and anything related to Christianity.” She said with tears in her eyes.

I used the opportunity to ask her how she was able to file for my visa and pay the airline ticket because her standard of living was below average.

“Liam did everything!” That was her short response.

It then dawned on me why he had a taste of me to compensate for his financial support. My aunt turned to me and said,

“The reason Liam was so furious was his inability to have his way in your life. We had determined to… em…em…” She couldn’t complete her confession when I cut in,

“Aunt Sharon, you had a sinister plan?”

She nodded and continued,

“Liam wanted to forcefully take you out yesterday to his house and reveal the truth about his financial support and… and… and..”

“And what aunt Sharon?” I challenged her.

“To initiate you into the beautiful club 18.”

“What’s beautiful club 18?” I asked.

“You would be sponsored to join the professional prostitutes within Germany and outside and then have a chance to meet your favourite pop star. He took interest to support you when he saw your picture on my phone.” She confessed to me.

I didn’t have more courage to ask questions or hear more revelations. She begged for forgiveness and told me plainly she perceived I had a great purpose to fulfil in life. I nodded my head to confirm what she said and narrated the dream I had overnight. She rejoiced with me how God averted their evil plans and for the salvation of our souls. The way I forgave her was beyond my ability. I knew it was divine.

“Aunt Sharon, Jesus Christ is truly the right plug for all problems. He can fit in to any socket life throws at us.” I told her.

“Jesus Christ is the right plug indeed! There is no controversy.” She added.

My aunt tore the papers in her hand and was about to say something when my phone rang. I was excited when I saw it was my mother’s call.

“Mummy, I have given my life to Jesus!”

“Hallelujahhh” She exclaimed with joy.

I narrated how it happened and I didn’t know my dad had already joined the conversation. They expressed their joy and prayed for me. I had never seen such joyful expression in my parents ever since I was born. What my father said revealed the reason.

“My daughter, when we were running around looking for solution for the fruit of the womb, a Man of God told us to wait like Abraham and Sarah did because the child God would give us would turn the hearts of people back to him. We weren’t patient enough and your mother went to the priestess to seek help from the god of fruitfulness.”
My mother took the phone from my father and continued,

“The priestess told me I would give birth if I promised to be celebrating the god of fruitfulness every year and hand you over to them in order to perfect the covenant when you turned 18. I never knew I was already pregnant before entering that covenant with them. To avoid any confrontation, I dutifully carried out the sacrifices every year until you turned 18.”

My father collected it from her and I heard the way they were struggling with the phone,

“My daughter, the good news is this: two of the Priestesses threatening to marry you off to their own people died mysteriously yesterday. I heard they were shouting fire…fire before they gave up the ghost. In fact, we believed God is with us…” My father affirmed.

I started praising God and my parents joined me on the phone. I knew God did it and I explained everything to them. My aunt sat there wondering how God turned everything around for our good. She shared her brief testimony too and we rejoiced together. After the lunch, my aunt went to the supermarket and I sat in the sitting room reading the bible my mother gave me.

Nadia called me to inform me of her intention to visit me in the evening. I had written down some questions to ask her when she arrived. I called my aunt when I discovered it was taking longer time but it didn’t go through. Nadia arrived later and she took her time to answer my questions. One of the questions I asked was why Ruth followed Naomi to her country despite her loss.

“Ruth saw something different in Naomi’s life that attracted her. If we live like Jesus in this world, people will be attracted to us to know more about Jesus. Our godly lifestyle is more important than mere confession.” Her explanation was satisfactory enough.

After a while, she asked after my aunt and I told her about my worry as I had called her phone five times but there was no response. She brought out her phone to call her and pass the phone to me when she heard a voice. Immediately I said aunt Sharon, the line went off. Nadia and I suspected something was wrong and then someone knocked the door. Out of joy, I went to open the door and then stood back when I saw…

To be continued in Episode 29.

Olumide Fatunsin

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