1. Never accept to marry a Pastor if you don’t have the capacity to see ladies around him. Protect him but don’t police him. No matter how hard you try , you can’t catch a man who wants to go that way. Will he not travel to go and preach?

2. Never be so busy that you can’t attend to the basic NEEDS of your husband. Never delegate it to others. You will always regret it. He is a man of God, but he is a human being with needs that MUST BE MET.

3. You are the first lady of the house and the mummy of the house also, but never forget the fact that your seniors and those old enough to give birth to you are in that same church. Please respect them. It is not a crime if mummy call older women mummy also. It increases your own respect from the entire house. As the Founder of Answers, I refer to women old enough to give birth to me in church as mummy. Same goes with my wife.

4. If you gladly accept to marry Jacob, don’t expect him to function as isreal. Trying to change him after marriage is where many marriages crash. All my daughter’s in church who want to marry pastors, I ask them to find out if the man is Jacob or isreal. For that is where their problems will come from. If you are a genuine christain sister, there is the man you can’t get married to ..You miss it here ,you will regret it for life.

5. Try and live according to what you and your husband can afford per time. Never buy things on credit. You are not the mummy of the church by been the best dresser of the church. Whether you like it or not, some women must appear more expensive than you. It is the capacity of their own husband. Motherhood is by your depth in the word. And not by your appearance in church.

6. Dont make your office the centre of gossip, where some women must come together to gossip other women in church. You are the mother of all, refuse to be a mother of some and then murder some with other women. This is the begining of “SEE FINISH” (DISRESPECT )

7. You and your husband are co labourers and partner in God’s vineyard. Try not to have another vision from that of your husband. You can fulfill your vision within the umbrella vision of your husband. Never forget SUBMISSION MEANS SUBMITTING TO MISSION. WHOSE MISSION? THE MISSION OF YOUR HUSBAND. YOU CAN START BUSINESS BUT DONT START ANOTHER CHURCH.

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