UNDERSTANDING YOUR LEVEL OF COMMISSION!!! (Snippets On Protocols Of Divine Placement) – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


Not all ministers will be setmen or founders of ministries!

And not all ministers will serve as associate Pastors in ministry.

It is one thing to carry God’s calling upon your life potentially, it is another thing to grow into the full stature of that calling over time.

Many ministers (especially young ministers) have made a shipwreck of their ministry by not understanding their level of commission.

That two of you were Presidents of Campus Fellowships during your University days does not AUTOMATICALLY mean that two of you will start individual ministries after school.

Whereas one might be called to start a fresh work, the other person may simply be called to join an existing ministry.

It all depends on God’s prerogative and divine timings as indicated by the Spirit.

It is not COMPULSORY to start a ministry afresh to fulfil the call of God upon your life.

If God did not call you into that role, you will have to supply the spiritual resources to run that office by yourself.

Every calling has its potential demands and it’s sacrosanct that we do things in line with divine order – 1 Cor.14:40.

Some people have started ministries that God did not start; they just followed the bad wagon and thus such ministries do not have a candlestick in Heaven.

Being a setman or founder of a ministry is not about factors such as:

* Age

* Status

* Education

* Money

* Brilliance

* Fame

* Connections

* Charisma


It’s not even about factors such as having preaching or teaching abilities or the flows of the Spirit.

While these are necessary tools to function effectively in ministry, they are not however the yardsticks to measure whether you’re a setman or not.

I have seen people that used to flow in the gifts of the Spirit about twenty years ago; we were in the same Fellowship at that same time but as of today, they have not started any ministry of their own, some are still very functional in ministry today, and that doesn’t mean that God cannot call any of them to start a fresh work tomorrow.

You see, we have what I call “PROTOTYPES” of autonomous ministries in the Bible (please note my word “prototypes”) and when we look at them, we discover that among other factors, three characteristic features of such roles stand out:

(1) Calling

(2) Authority

(3) Frequency of divine instructions

A setman or founder of a ministry has that CALLING from God; he operates in SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY that is not operational in the office of an associate minister and then he receives divine instructions regularly from God.

Check this out in the Bible friend. An associate Pastor can be older than or even more educated than his setman, it’s about the CALLING, AUTHORITY and HOW GOD INSTRUCTS HIM OFTEN.

Notice I used the word “prototypes” – we have a couple of them in the Bible.

Moses was a type of a setman. Aaron and Hur were associate ministers while Joshua was Moses’ Personal Assistant (PA).

During the battle with Amalek, Moses held the rod of God in his hands on the top of the mountain and his hands were heavy.

Aaron and Hur didn’t collect the rod from his hand (THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS) because that would be functioning beyond their level of commission; they rather helped him and Israel had the victory – Exo.17:8-13.

Joshua, who was Moses’ Personal Assistant later GREW INTO Moses’ leadership role and the rest is history – Exo.24:13, Deut.34:9, Josh.1:1-5.

Also, Elijah was a type of a setman while Elisha was an associate minister.

And he later GROW INTO the leadership role of Elijah while his colleagues, the sons of the prophets who blackmailed him on account of his followership bowed to him – 2 Kgs.3:11, 2Kgs.2:11-14, 2 Kgs.2:15.

Another case in point is Paul. He’s a “type” of a setman and founder because he planted many churches while the likes of Timothy and Titus were associate ministers – Phil.2:19-24, Tit.1:4-5.

Now, let’s just stop at that – there are other “prototypes” such as David, Solomon and Adonijah saga.

Although David wasn’t the first king of Israel; he was the second but he was the one who started “THE MOVE OF GOD” at that time by initiating the process that led to the return of the ark of the covenant to Israel – 2 Sam.6:1-19.

The forty years of Saul the first king of Israel were years of GLAMOUR; not years of GLORY, for the ark of testimony was absent in Israel – Acts 13:21.

God spoke to me about “the Adonijah spirit” – 1 Kgs.1:1-5 as far back as November 2006.


Know your level of commission. There are people that should close up their ministries and go join another ministry because God did not call them to pioneer a work.

And there are people that are called by God to be setmen and founders of ministries but they have not grown into the stature of that role; they will have to serve and learn under another man for some time.

Yet people are flouting this order. A young minister told me sometime ago that God had called him to start his ministry and that it could be either of three locations.

I shook my head because I knew that’s against God’s order and pattern.

For a setman, location is specific and it’s not a matter of gambling, and God’s instructions to him are very specific.

If you have to always study trends to determine what to do in ministry, you’re not a setman.

If you have to be copying the names of other people’s programmes and copying their style of ministry to always determine what you do, know for sure that you’re not a setman.

You may be able to blow grammar but if divine pattern is not revealed to you to know how to run your ministry time after time like Moses was shown the pattern on the mountain – Heb.8:5, sincerely you’re not a setman.

You may carry that calling POTENTIALLY in your spirit but you have to go through ministerial tutelage under a trusted hand to grow into the stature of that calling.

And one vital lesson that God will teach you is to run with His pattern even when people don’t believe in you or people misunderstand you like they did to Noah when God told him to build the ark – Matt. 24:37-39.

Aaron wasn’t a setman, so he didn’t know THE PRICE that Moses paid to receive seasoned instructions from God.

He bowed to the emotional pressure and blackmail of people to make them a golden calf but when the man who was privy to the sacred dealings of God came from the mount, the story was different – Exo.32.

Rev. Josiah Akindayomi was not educated; Pastor E. A. Adeboye is educated, but God spoke to the former that the latter was to succeed him and he carried out that instruction to the letter – that’s a setman!

Dr. Jerry Savelle started a work, and God told him to close it down to join Kenneth Copeland.

He did and mastered all the things that God wanted him to, and when God led him to start again, the work exploded and of course we know that Dr. Jerry is a global voice today.

I know a man of God who started a ministry in Ibadan many years ago but God said he should close it down to join Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, and today he’s a very senior minister in Deeper Life Bible Church.

For record purpose, I didn’t say and I never said that people should start shutting down their ministries; this short piece is just to bring to light protocols of divine placement in ministry – it is God that SETS and PLACES people in the Body – Psa.68:6, 1 Cor.12:28.

Whether as a setman or as an associate minister, THERE’S NO INFERIOR CALLING IN THE KINGDOM.

It’s not about SUPERIORITY or INFERIORITY; it’s about ROLES and its about LEADERSHIP.

Our ultimate goal is to glorify God and advance His Kingdom on earth.

It’s every man in his own order. You alone know the dealings of God in your heart and they will be in tandem with divine protocol.

Bishop David Oyedepo once said, “It is better to be number two of something than to be number one of nothing”.

Know your level of commission. Stay with it. Stick to divine pattern. Follow His instructions. And don’t ever circumvent!

If you lose everything trying to please people, the highest that people you’re trying to please will tell you is “Sorry” and the ministry of Christ will not stop on the earth.

May you not lose your life while trying to “help” God like Uzzah – 2 Sam. 6:6-7.


I trust that we ponder these words Sirs and Mas!!



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