THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 27) – Olumide Fatunsin

Nadia hugged me with tears of joy on her face when she realised how much I had suffered in life and how the mercy of God had finally found me. We were still rejoicing together when we heard a loud cry from the bedroom. I couldn’t run because of my weakness. When I reached the door of their bedroom, I heard Liam shouting on top of his voice while my aunt was crying. I couldn’t understand what would have warranted that but when I listened to their exchange of words, he called her a whore.

Beyond calling her such name, I knew there was more to it. Nadia and her parents stood at the sitting room’s door watching me as I stood by the door. I quietly opened the door and saw Liam on top of my aunt trying to choke her with a pillow. Immediately he saw me, he released her and spat on her. It was a shameful thing for me to see my aunt in such condition.
He wore his shirt and pushed me aside when he was about to leave the room. Nothing matter to me than to see how I could help her. Nadia came in and we went to sit beside my aunt on the bed where she was sobbing not minding my presence. With her permission, she allowed Nadia’s mother to come in. When I saw a pack of condom on the table I quickly went to hide it. I didn’t know how my aunt managed to sleep with different men in her house and on the same bed.

I remembered when a black guy of South American origin came to stay with her for two days and I heard my aunt begging him to give her more money. It occurred to me that she might have been collecting money from these men. I had thought it was only for fun. No wonder she didn’t want me to come with her to Germany then by giving flimsy excuses of no job. So, the job she was talking about was prostitution. She worked in a dry cleaning company during the day and the bedroom activities at night. Her promise of sponsoring my undergraduate studies was hanging in the air but I hoped for a miracle.

Nadia’s mother enquired to know what happened but when she perceived she wasn’t ready to talk, she asked me and Nadia to leave the room. We waited for them at the sitting room. Nadia’s father was on the phone with a friend while we watched the TV. Nadia was trying to draw my attention to something on her phone when I saw someone who resembled Rafa on the TV.

“Nadia, is this Rafa or not?

She lifted up her head and quickly increased the volume of the TV.

“Yes! This is Rafa!”

It was reported that Rafa had shot one of his friends during a brawl in their house and were arrested without much struggle after surrendering himself to the police. I was surprised when I later learnt the guy that was killed was the one who called me a beautiful monkey that morning before leaving their house. Nadia and I were surprised how their judgment was so quick.

“It is uncommon to brief the public with incident like this. Sometimes, God’s judgement on His children’s enemies can be so quick and fiery. God is always mindful of His children.” Nadia’s father told us.

“Daddy, no wonder the Bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the living God. I fear God!” Nadia corroborated what his father said.

To say I was perplexed would be an understatement. I looked at them to be sure everything they said was in the Bible. Nadia brought out her Bible and read Hebrews 10:31. I read it again and again until I was sure that God was truly a God of justice. We weren’t celebrating his death but were awed by the swift judgement. We were still discussing the unfortunate incident when they came out of the bedroom. My aunt wasn’t in her usual state as she looked sober still holding Nadia’s mother’s hand.

“Dear, she has surrendered her life to Jesus too.” Nadia’s mother told her husband.

He jumped up to rejoice for the salvation of her soul. I couldn’t believe my eyes where I sat down beholding the goodness of Jesus’ transforming power in our house. It was as if the hosts of heaven came down with blessings. I looked at my aunt who smiled at me when she saw how shocked I was. I rose up to go and hug her.. For the first time, we shed tears of joy together. She looked at me and said,

“Rebecca, I’m a new creature. I’m sorry for showing you bad example and..”

I cut in, “Aunt Sharon, old things have passed away. God has taken control now. I’m yet to recover from the joy of salvation in my heart. I don’t know why I have wasted years spurning the love of God. Aunt Sharon, Jesus is my all in all”

They stood there watching our “New converts drama” and singing praises to God for His grace and love. Nadia’s mother told us to seek medical help in regards to our past immoral life experiences to avert any immediate or future repercussions. It was almost getting dark but they weren’t in a hurry to leave us. I was still curious to know why Liam was furious with my aunt when she confessed before us that our house and lives now belonged to Jesus.

They prayed for us and promised to keep in touch with us. Her parents would be taking the early morning flight to Berlin the following day.

“We thought to spend the day with our daughter but God decided to use us to bring souls into His kingdom. What a marvellous God we serve!” Nadia’s mother said when they were about to leave.

Her father told me again before leaving,

“Rebecca, when I get back to Berlin tomorrow, I will inform you if the scholarship is still available. Take care.”

“Yes sir. I will be expecting your call,” I replied joyfully.

Nadia hugged me and told me to read the godly messages and bible verses she gave me. Immediately they left, my aunt sat me down to explain something to me. I knew she wanted to reveal some secrets to me. She went inside and came back with…

To be continued in Episode 28.

Olumide Fatunsin

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