THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 26) – Olumide Fatunsin

For the first time, I didn’t struggle or resist to be helped by this God. She continued to tell me how God could mend my life and heal me completely. She took her Bible and read some verses to me and everything was new to me again. I started longing to be embraced by this loving God and be forgiven until I heard a voice loud and clear in my ears to rise up and leave her house. Nadia thought I was joking when I told her a voice told me to leave. I knew it was beyond my control and there was no courage to do otherwise. I picked up my phone and rose up to leave. Nadia tried to calm me down when she saw me holding my head in an unusual way. I felt intense heat at the back of my head and the voice telling me to leave. The more she tried to calm me down, the more the intensity of the heat increased.

When I couldn’t bear the heat in my head, I ran out of the house. Instead of running toward the metro station, the voice kept dictating which way to follow. When I turned to the second street, I saw three people running after me. The voice kept telling to run and jump into Main river (the longest river in Germany
) to cool my head.

When I entered the street leading up to Deutsche bank, the voice told me to avoid the police car patrolling the area. As I tried to turn left to another street, I hit my leg against a short pole and stumbled to the ground. I was fortunate it was Sunday when the traffic flow was low. I couldn’t lift myself because the pain was too unbearable for me. I looked up and saw Nadia and two other people around me. They swung into action by lifting me off the ground and took me to the hospital. I sustained a mild strain on my left arm with a wound on my right leg. The nurses were kind and professional in discharging their duties. Before long, I slept off where I was in the hospital. A woman in white apparel appeared to me in the dream and told me to complete my journey into the river. She warned me that my husband had been waiting for me for the past Eighteen years.

When I woke up, Nadia smiled when she saw me in a relaxed mood while the other people stood there looking at me. Nadia took me aside to persuade me to open up to the nurses about the rape but I refused. She threatened to inform the nurses when she saw my determination not to disclose it. I was scared because of the strange dream I had. Nadia introduced me to her parents who had travelled from Berlin to visit her. Later, I realised they had arrived when I stepped out of her house. I realised later that the woman who arrived before Nadia at the scene where I fell was her mother. She once told me her mother was a good sprinter and it wasn’t a surprise because Kenyans are known and respected in the world in track and field.

“Let’s go” Nadia told me as I was discharged later.

I saw my aunt by the car talking with someone on the phone and welcomed me with open arms. I knew something was not adding up with the recent happenings in my life. Liam, Rafa and his friends, the strange dreams and the strange voice. It was on that Sunday I realised the bondage I had been kept. My aunt drove all of us to our house. The presence of Nadia with me was enough to calm down my anxious mind. I sat on the chair while my aunt entertained Nadia and her parents. Though, I had spoken with them before, I was seeing them for the first time that day.

Many things were going on in my mind as they discussed beautiful things about Kenya and Germany. I feigned a smile but Nadia knew I was really troubled. She came and sat beside me to ask,

“Tell your aunt about Rafa. Don’t keep this evil done to you away from her.” She whispered.

I nodded in the negative and blinked my eyes to change the topic when I saw my aunt was looking at us suspiciously. They were still with us when Liam came in to spend the night with my aunt. My anger boiled when he passed a smile at me and found his way into the bedroom. My aunt immediately followed him inside. I seized the opportunity to tell Nadia about what Liam did. She wanted to take up the allegation but I warned her against it. I promised to let it out at the appropriate time.
Nadia’s parents asked me some questions about my ambition, family and God. They were so pleasant in their interaction with me which I really enjoyed. My aunt delayed in joining us and I knew they were up to something again. Nadia turned to me to ask about my decision to give my life to Jesus. Immediately she asked me, the struggle started within me and the voice came again telling me to leave. Nadia beckoned to her parents when she perceived I had started behaving strangely again. They came near and began to pray for me.

“Will you confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?” Her father asked me.

The struggle started again but their presence with me was like a shield from the arrows flying around me. The encounter I had with Claire in Lagos couldn’t be compared with what I saw that day. It was like God used the negative circumstances to prove His awesome power in my life. I had resisted yielding to him for some years and here was a family of other nationality to showcase His power in my life.

Nadia held my hand while his parents continued to pray for me. Like a flash, I saw the priestesses scrambling to hold on to a pole in their midst but couldn’t. A man appeared among them with a glittering sword destroying the strong chains around the place. Nadia’s mother asked me,

“Rebecca, I break the power hindering you from surrendering your life to Jesus in Jesus name”

They all chorused, “Amen!”

Her father asked me again,

“Rebecca, will you accept Jesus into your life now?”

A wave of glory passed in front of me and I saw Jesus Christ with a crown of thorn on his head hanging on the cross with blood on his hands and legs and calling my name. I couldn’t stand how a loving Saviour would die for me, a terrible sinner.

I cried out, “Jesus, forgive me all my sins. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Jesus, have mercy on me!”

All I heard was their prayers as I lay on the ground weeping profusely with joy in my heart as I felt the yoke on my neck had been broken. Suddenly, I saw in a vision a young man with a sword and golden crown on his head telling me to renounce Jesus and that he had been my spiritual husband from birth. As they were still praying for me, another man with a bow and an arrow appeared to the young man telling him to claim his right. He gave the young man a small box to give me. As soon as he approached me, a wall of fire surrounded me which burned the box in his hand. The young man ran back and started calling,

“Acampona! Acampona!! I need your help!”

Immediately I heard that name, I remembered that was the name I heard from Claire which my mother refused to disclose its meaning to me. Thereafter, I saw a large basket descending from heaven and a voice asked me to pick a sword out of it. When I picked up a sword, I saw written on it, “Jesus Christ: The WORD OF GOD”

When I stretched the sword in his direction, I saw the three priestesses from my town around him trying to defend and help him. Then, I heard Nadia and her parents praying for me in tongues. Suddenly, I saw my parents and Mama Bolanle praying for me too in our house. Then, a voice told me to take another sword from the basket. When I picked it, I saw written on it: “Where the word of a king is, there is POWER”

I began to move toward them praying and quoting some verses of the Bible and their attempts to fight against me failed. The voice came again to me saying,

“Acampona and his hosts are defeated and destroyed in Jesus name!”

I began to confess and exercise my authority claiming my rights over them in the name of Jesus until they were swallowed up by the ground. Then, I heard Nadia and her parents singing and praising God in their dialect and English. I knew the Lord had fought and won the victory for me. They rejoiced with me when I shared what I saw in the course of their prayers and most importantly, the salvation of my soul.

Nadia hugged me with tears of joy on her face when she realised how much I had suffered in life and how the mercy of God had finally found me. We were still rejoicing together when we heard a loud cry from the bedroom…

To be continued in Episode 27.

Olumide Fatunsin

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