“One prophet whom i have been communicating since march..
He keep advising me to sow a seed to an orphanage home in nigeria. Since i didnt listen to him he said God is angry with me”

Above is a chat from an online follower. A priest also reported that someone hacked his instagram account and sent messages to his contacts asking them to invest in a profitable scheme. Posing as the priest, the hacker posted an account statement showing how he was credited with some money by the platform. A friend of the priest fell for the scam and transferred 3.5 million naira to the account provided by the hacker. It took some high level intervention from the banks and security agents to block the account where the money was transferred. I learnt the hacker is begging the bank to unblock the account so he can return the 3.5m, definitely the security agents are on their trail.

While we wait for the arrest of the thieves, I’m particularly interested in why we often fall for scams like this. This is why I’m making this post. PLEASE DON’T TRUST A PRIEST OR PASTOR SO MUCH THAT YOU DONT DO DILIGENCE SEARCH AND QUESTIONS BEFORE ACTING. if anyone tells you to commit money or any valuable to a biz venture, even if it’s a priest or pastor, do your findings first. How can you do a business transaction on social media and commit money without signing papers or agreement? Sometimes we suffer for being plain stupid than the wickedness of the thieves.

Then for men of god who ask you for money before God gives you a particular favor, they are fake and wolves in sheep clothings, you will be an idiot to part with money as either faith expression or obedience for a favor. God is not transactional, stop listening to some idiots on pulpits preaching that kind of gospel. Anytime you see my picture on any social media platform requesting that you sow seed into any account, even if it’s orphanage or IDP camp, please know that my account has been hacked.

Stop funding the greed of idiots please, stop wasting your hard earned money. Once again, Fada Oluoma will not ask you to sow seed into his ministry or an orphanage as a condition for a particular favor you want from God.

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