THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 24) – Olumide Fatunsin

As I entered the house, my aunt wasn’t around so I quickly switched on the TV to satisfy my curiosity. I began to swallow the different pills of immoral scenes thrown at me until someone knocked the door. As soon as I opened the door Liam entered and asked for my aunt. He looked at me lustfully and before I could say anything, he pinned me to the sofa and deflowered me. What I had held in high esteem and pride myself of was tampered with and my eyes were opened. What I craved for by watching immoral videos and the strong negative influence of my aunt prevailed over me. Liam left without saying anything. I lay there on the sofa gazing at the naked men and women on the TV.

I didn’t know whether I should cry or not. My conscience pricked me and I tried to silence it but couldn’t. I shed few drops of tears as I ran to the toilet to clean up. I stood in front of the mirror and the previous attempts by different men to have their ways played out before me and how I was miraculously delivered. However, the polluted atmosphere where I lived and my lack of watchfulness made me fell flat before Liam. One part of me condemned the act while the other part enjoyed it. The struggle continued until my aunt arrived home.

She asked me some questions about my language course and told me about her plans to relocate the following year. She knew I didn’t concentrate and asked me if there was anything bothering me. I told her plainly I needed to rest. As I lay on the bed, I sorrowfully reenacted what had happened but decided not to disclose it to anyone.

Nadia noticed some changes in me as I tried to avoid her. This continued for a while and Rafa, a fellow student capitalised on my confused state and began to draw close and sit beside me in the class. Rafa hailed from Spain and spoke English too. After two weeks, he took me to a nearby restaurant and bought Currywurst mit pommes for me.

He spoke nicely as he tried to cheer me up with some jokes. The way he used acronyms of my name to mention some German words really surprised me.

“What’s your name?” he asked me.

I was hesitant to answer at first because I found it awkward after staying in the same class for almost two months.

“Rebecca of course”.

“OK, R stands for Regen (rain)
E stands for Essen (Eat)
B stands for Braven (brave)
E stands for Einfach (easy)
C stands for Charmant (Charming)
C stands for Currywurst mit pommes (currywurst with fries)
A stands for Acht (Eight)”

I looked at his face when he finished the acronyms of my name.

“So, explain what you meant by each word” I asked.

He cleared his throat. By the way, Rafa was a tall guy with a sweet voice.

“Rain is beautiful especially for friends who understand the meaning of love. You need to “eat” and drink to satisfaction because “brave” lady like you need to take life “easy”. Rebecca, if no one has told you this, I will tell you today. You are “charming” and beautiful. Our favourite food is Currywurst with fries and our friendship is the “eighth’ wonder of the world.”

We both laughed over his beautiful composition and our chemistry clicked. We started calling each other on the phone and chatting at night. His presence in my life took my life to a new level with his words of wisdom. He read far and wide and took his time to explain history of many countries in Europe and the importance of learning new languages. Rafa could speak five languages: Spanish, English, French, Hindi and German. He even asked me to teach him my local language but I refused. He once heard me speaking with my father on the phone and he recorded our conversation. I didn’t know but he later told me what he did. He tried to learn all my responses to my father that day.

“E kason daddy… Mummy ni ko?… Weather wa OK… E ma worry daddy…” He read from a piece of paper.

I was surprised to hear that from him and I quickly penned the correct words down and read it out,

“E kasan daddy not kason. It means, Good afternoon daddy. Mummy nko not ni ko? It means, how is mummy?. Weather wa OK means, the weather is fine. E ma worry daddy means, Don’t worry daddy” I clapped for him to appreciate his effort.

From then, I began to teach him little by little and I tried to learn Spanish from him too. My aunt began to notice some changes in my approach to her and the household chores. She sat me down one evening to warn me against growing wings. I couldn’t tell her what Liam did to me but promised to change for better. I became withdrawn and confided more in Rafa. However, Nadia never abandoned me and kept encouraging me to remain focused when she noticed how I spent a lot of time with Rafa. She warned me not to forget God and his faithfulness to me. The mention of God really annoyed me because he didn’t prevent Liam from raping me.

I was sick of hearing anything about God and anyone associated with him including Nadia. Rafa only believed there was a Supreme being who created the world but has now left attending to his creations.

“He gave us brains to use for our daily activities. He may be somewhere up there and we are here.” He concluded.

This was a bit strange to me and I remembered how Claire once used her evil power against Mrs Cole and me.

“But Rafa there are some strange powers here in this world. Do you believe it?” I asked him.

Rafa laughed and replied, “So you believe there are powers too? Aren’t you an educated lady? It is just hallucination. Tell me, which power holds the airplane in the air? This is pure science. Think!”

He almost defeated me that day but I wasn’t convinced because Claire almost killed me then in Lagos. My parents never ceased to pray for me and sent godly messages to me but I never read them. After a while, Nadia stopped calling me except when we met in the class. All my hope was on Rafa as he proved to be sincere and dependable. He invited me one day to his house to celebrate his birthday with some of his friends. It was on a Saturday and I lied to my aunt that I wanted to visit Nadia. She already knew Nadia when she came to our house on my aunt’s request to know my friend.

I got to meet new friends during his birthday party and he introduced me to them as his special friend. I noticed the way Beatriz, one of the ladies kept asking me a lot of questions about my country and why I decided to befriend a white guy. I was the only black lady in the party and it was easy for anyone to spot me. I tried to answer her while checking the time to avoid getting home late.

When it was time to dance, Rafa held me close and continued to whisper, “Meine Liebe” (My love) and I was enjoying the moment until…

To be continued in Episode 25.

Olumide Fatunsin

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