Romans 11:33


1. Lack of Value for the Word. Matthew 6:33
Where there is no value, there can be no insight.

2. A lack of adequate time and attention for the word. Matthew 11:15

A lot of people just read the bible religiously, just to make sure their conscience is clear or I read the bible today, reading it in a hurry, reading it in a haste. They just gloss over it.
It is not possible to see impact without the investment of time. What ever requires result requires time. If you are going to see result in the scripture, you must give it time.

3. Over familiarity with the word.
Lamentations 3:23, Romans 11:33

Many of us think we know the word and we don’t know it. Every single verse of scripture can give you new revelation everyday for the rest of your life. Just one verse. There are times when somebody is quoting a scripture, before he finish quoting, you complete it for him, that is, I know it, I am familiar with it. You won’t even allow him to say something before you say what you think you know. Arrogance is the established foundation for ignorance. Over familiarity with the Word, it deprives people of seeing.

4. A lack of meekness. Where someone is too proud “I have been in church for years and you, a new comer, what do you know?” Pride.

5. Receiving without action. Matthew 25:28-29

When you receive what you hear without action on it, it stops you from further receiving.

God is not a waster of treasure, He is not a waster of resources, He is not a waster of information. If you are not going to use it to change your life or the life of your generation, there would be no need for God to keep on giving you something new.


1. The Art of Meditation;
The art of meditation is simply thinking the Word, asking questions as you study and expecting answers and then comparing scripture with scripture. Joshua 1:8
Psalm 119;97

– Meditation breaks down the scripture into absorbable bits and pieces. It is like a spiritual digestion process.

– Meditation releases the Voice behind the verse. Psalm 62:11

2. The Attitude of Joy and Praise. Isaiah 12: 3
We need joy and praise to assist in the study of the Word. Ephesians 5:26
You use joy to gain inspiration from the scripture.

– The Attitude of Joy and Praise destroys the spirit of depression which closes the channels of inspiration. Nobody can be in depression and have inspiration at the same time except it is inspiration of the devil. Isaiah 61:3
Once joy is available, praise is available, depression cannot be available and if depression is not available, inspiration is released.
1 Samuel 16:23

– The attitude of Joy and Praise releases the Voice of God, either the Voice of God that comes from the spirit or the Voice of God that comes from the Word.
2 Kings 3: 15, Isaiah 30:29

It is a good practise to have some excitable worship in the background while you are studying.

3. The Help of the Holyspirit.
2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21, John 14:26

The Word comforter is the Greek word Paracletos. It means Counsellor, Comforter, Teacher, Guide, in fact Advocate.

– The Holyspirit is the author of scripture. Nobody understands a book like the author. In case you want to understand a book, find out from the author.

– The Holyspirit’s official title is teacher. His assignment is to teach. You approach the scripture in tongues. You consciously do that to be able to see what you haven’t seen out of scripture.

4. The Force of Fasting and Prayer.
Isaiah 58:6-8

– Fasting opens the spirit of man to spiritual realities as it humbles the flesh. Every time you are fasting you are deemphasizing the flesh and emphasizing the spirit.

– Fasting increases spiritual sensitivity and receptivity. Matthew 17:21
The period of fasting is the period where it is very easy to pick up signal either from the Spirit or from the Word. It is a sharpener of the spirit. It is a spiritual sharpener, the way sin is a spiritual eraser. Many times, many of us fast because we have a problem. It is not bad, it is scriptural. But I will like you to try and fast because you need light.

God’s Servant Bishop David Oyedepo went on a three days dry fasting in search of light for supernatural supply. He was preaching about prosperity and all those kind of things and there was no evidence. He had read books and read all that and nothing was showing. So he went on a fast, three days “Lord show me the secret of supernatural supply” He went with a book by Gloria Copeland “God’s will is prosperity” and another by Kenneth Copeland on prosperity then with his bible for three days. On the third day, he came out with a shout “I shall never be poor!” When people see that kind of person today in the realm where and they talk what they don’t know, it is because they don’t know what he saw.

Until you see what I am seeing here, you cannot see what I am seeing around.

For some people, what they think they know that they are shouting about, is a shadow, compared with reality.

I went on a seven day fast, I don’t think there was water in that fast at that time “Lord, I want you to show me the secret of your power, I am seeing a lot of people with problems and I am helpless before them. People can’t be coming to me for answer and I am very helpless. If this is what I have left everything to pursue, show me what to do.”

My wife checked me into the hotel and didn’t come back. First day, second day, third day, fourth day. No food, no water. That was how we did it in those days. And then on the fourth day, God showed me. He said…
“My power that you are asking for is not hard to give. He said, but can you defend my glory? I am not looking for who to divide my glory with. You won’t touch it and you won’t allow anybody touch it where you are.” And I began to cry, groan for the next three days. I came out of that place, my life couldn’t remain the same.

I fasted not because I needed money, I wanted to see what I have not seen before.

I Prophesy on someone, in this season, God will make you see what you have not seen.

5. Addiction to the House of God is a secret of insight. Psalm 73:17, 1 Timothy 3:15

– The House of God is the place of Understanding. There are some things you struggle to understand on your own that is made clear in the house of the Lord. It is the covenant place for understanding.

– The House of God is the ground and pillar of truth, where God unveils truth and nothing but the truth. When you remain in that ground, you remain safe. What ever keeps you from the house keeps you in error.

– I Pray for you today according to the direction of God, everyone who is experiencing instability, stability is coming your way.

– I Prophesy, every sudden affliction, sudden pain, sudden hypertension, sudden urinary tract, genital system disease, lower back condition. Today, it is arrested in the name of Jesus.

– Every one trusting God for direction, it is released now. The way to go is released.

– Father arrest the plague of the enemy in Nigeria, in Africa. We command the spread of Covid 19, so far you have gone, it shall not spread further in the Name of Jesus. Affliction shall not rise again a second time.

– Father your plan for this year shall not be derailed because of Corona Virus. So shall it be in Jesus Name.

-The plague shall not come near you, it shall not come near your family in Jesus Name.


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