1. They are the only people whose sins the bible classified as that of Witchcraft.

2. They always end up worst than everyone and everything they rebel against.

3. They will lead you astray and leave you to suffer the consequence alone. Some times they start avoiding you for the very sin they led you into.

4. They will promise you all kinds of help if you follow in their rebellion against leadership, but end up giving you nothing. They appear as Sponsor, but they are Spoilers.

5. They always rebel against the very person that has helped them the most. And that makes their punishments agrees with the law of seed time and harvest time.

6. They will lead you into rebellion but end up going behind you to reconcile with the very leader they influenced you against. YOU can see how foolish you are, And how wicked they are.

7. It makes God your number one enemy, because it reminds him of Satan’s rebellion in heaven against him.

8. Their end is always very very disastrous. I have never seen a rebel that ended well.

9. You can share from their punishments if you company with them.When the earth opens against them, everyone connected to them will sink with them.

10. You become a negative reference point for Generations to learn from. The same way we are learning the danger of rebellion from all rebels in scriptures.

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