THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 23) – Olumide Fatunsin

When I entered the house, I met two strange men in the sitting room. We greeted each other and my aunt came out of the room to welcome me. As I was about to enter my room, she asked me to follow her to the sitting room. She spoke in German with the men and then asked me to stand upright. She brought out a paper and asked me to sign it.

I read through but couldn’t understand the German language. I asked my aunt politely to interpret what was written there.

“Rebecca, don’t you trust me again?”

“Aunt Sharon, I trust you but I wanted to know the content of the letter before appending my signature.” I replied her cautiously.

She faced the guys and communicated with them in German again. I stood there watching their body language but one of them kept his eyes on me like some politicians in my country usually eyed the juicy positions in the government. I sensed their presence wasn’t ordinary but I kept my cool waiting for the next action. I tried to pick some words from their conversation until I heard Zweitausend Euro (Two thousand Euro). It was repeated about four times and my aunt shook their hands as they left our house.

My aunt didn’t bother to ask me again and I went to my room. While sitting on the bed, my mind began to wander from valley of doubt to mountain of fear. I asked myself why she wanted my signature and the repetition of two thousand euro. I couldn’t wrap my head around it but I decided to be at alert. I had already spent more than a month and at least five different men had paid my aunt special visit in her bedroom.

There was no one I could turn to for encouragement. As for my parents, I kept communicating with them without disclosing my aunt’s wayward lifestyle. She had promised to sponsor my studies if I behaved well and satisfied her. She had repeated it over and over again that it had become a national pledge in our house. Nadia and I had become close and shared many things about our families and future ambitions. Nadia’s parents lived in Berlin and she visited them fortnightly. She took deep interest in me and this afforded me the opportunity to share my mind with her. She was a year older than me and acted responsibly beyond her age.

The day I visited her in her house was a day I would never forget in a hurry. I knew it was the turn of Alfred to come to our house and my aunt would be busy with him. So, I decided to stay longer with Nadia in her house. As I was going back home, I took the wrong tram that took me to another part of Frankfurt.

I temporarily lost the way and my phone battery was flat. It was almost getting dark and everyone I asked couldn’t understand my dilemma. Fortunately, I got the tram that normally passed the main train station and jumped inside. I could easily find my way home from there. My aunt scolded me for coming home late and warned me to abide by the rule of getting home before 5 pm. I apologised and went to my room. I took my dinner and went to bed early to be able to prepare for my language test.

When it was around 2 am, I decided to read in the sitting room to have a change of location. When I opened the door, I heard my aunt and Alfred whispering in the sitting room. When I tiptoed to the dinning area, I saw them watching pornography on the TV. They were lost cuddling themselves and I quietly went to my room. The more I tried to read, the more the image I saw began to capture my mind. I couldn’t concentrate again. It seemed an evil seed had been planted in my heart immediately.

Suddenly, the various scenes of my aunt with her boyfriends coupled with the dirty image I saw began to play on my mind. The more I thought about it, the more Mama Bolanle’s and Grandma’s warnings against immorality kept ringing in my ears. I began to struggle in my spirit until an idea came up. I quickly switched on the TV in my room and began to flip through the channels until I got the channel I wanted. Like a honey, I began to watch and swallow my saliva with each scene of the immoral video. Something in me wanted more and I spent hours watching it. I lost control of myself and I knew something had happened in my life.

Nadia noticed the way I behaved after the class the following day when I asked her if she had a boyfriend.

“Rebecca, I’m a Christian. I love Jesus more than everything.” She confessed.

Her response didn’t move me because I had heard it over and over again. I asked if she had ever experienced love before.

“Of course. My boyfriend found me in a dirty hotel and took me to his house. You know what? He washed me in a beautiful bathroom and gave me a new garment”

I was interested in her love story and told her to continue,

“Next, he hugged me and began to whisper to me…”

I was immersed in her beautiful story that I began to envy her already,

“So, how did you feel? I mean, the warmth of his body. I’m sure you were already longing to kiss him too” I asked with a smile.

Nadia began to describe the way he hugged her,

“He hugged me tightly and whispered, I love you and will forever love you. Then, he placed a ring on my finger and kissed me. I was full of joy when he called me his beloved”

“You are so lucky, Nadia. Where is he now? I didn’t see him in your house the last time I visited.” I asked passionately.

“He is here with us” She replied.

I looked around to be sure of what she said.

“He isn’t here. Stop joking Nadia. Tell me, when will he be around?”

Nadia held me and looked at me,

“Jesus Christ is my lover. He took me from the dirty hotel of sin and washed me in his precious blood. He gave me a garment of His righteousness and kissed me with his mercy. He calls me his beloved and loves me dearly. Rebecca, Jesus Christ is my all in all. Will you want to be his lover too?

I withdrew my hand and told her,

“You have already aroused my love hormones and you are now talking about one Jesus Christ. I hate that joke. Nadia, we are still young. Let’s enjoy life. You know life’s beautiful”

Nadia smiled and told me,

“Rebecca, life’s beautiful with Jesus. He saved me from the power of sin and the devil. Give your life to Him before it is too late.”

Her truthful words pierced my heart and I left her presence to avoid eye contact with her. She had a way of convincing one to her way of thinking. On my way home, I started thinking about what she told me and I knew she was happy for real. Everything about her was joy and peace but my heart was empty. My heart wanted to be filled up but Nadia’s preaching and my aunt’s amorous lifestyle were jostling for my attention.

As I entered the house, my aunt wasn’t around so I quickly switched on the TV to satisfy my curiosity. I began to swallow the different pills of immoral scenes thrown at me until someone knocked the door. As soon as I opened the door…

To be continued in Episode 24.

Olumide Fatunsin

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