1 DAY TO GO: Family deliverance from bloodline demons/ evil family pattern – God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry

God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry is organising a 3 day Family Deliverance programme;

THEME: Family Deliverance From Blood Line Demons/Evil Family Pattern

DAY 1: Monday 29th June, 2020 (Time 5:00pm).

DAY 2: Teusday 30th June, 2020 (Time 5:00pm)

Teusday Vigil (Online): 11:45pm – 12:30am (30th June, 2020.

DAY 3: Wednesday 1st July, 2020 (Time 5:00pm)

Ministering: Prophet Abiola Mathew

Physical venue: Plot 100A, 4th Avenue Near Eco Bank/Chembian Plaza Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja.

Online Venue: CLICK👉 Prophet Abiola Mathew Facebook Page (Facebook Live)

..Let us pray together to separate ourselves from Ancestral Demons.


God bless you my brethren.

It is important to note that you are the product of your blood line. The blood in your body system can depict your characters and attitudes, because it is a carrier of your genetic traits, through which you function daily.

When a person is sick and visits a hospital, the first thing doctors check, is the blood, because it contains all the information needed for diagnosis. Like the physical diagnosis, our blood line also provides information for spiritual diagnosis. We are connected to our family lineage through our blood lines, hence satan knows that if he can gain access through our blood lines, he can also gain access to our lives.

Demons enter our blood through incisions, evil marks on our bodies( Leviticus 19 v28), incantations, immorality and generally through disobedience to Divine Order (God ); That’s the reason God sent His son (Jesus christ) to shed His blood on the Cross of Calvary for the remission of our Sins.

The name of Jesus christ is higher than any other name, therefore God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry invites you to a 3 day family Deliverance programme, where we would be praying to seperate ourselves from every contamination in our blood lines and evil family patterns.

In the name of JESUS CHRIST Every knee shall bow.

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