THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 22) – Olumide Fatunsin

After I had ended the call, I went to the sitting room in order to return her phone but couldn’t find her. I began to move from one room to another looking for her until I entered a room. I froze when I saw Aunt Sharon with the man naked on the bed. I was too shocked to say the least as I quickly dropped her phone on the table beside the door and closed it. I ran to my room and locked it. I couldn’t bear the shame of seeing my Aunt’s nakedness in her matrimonial home. I sat down with my face covered with both hands waiting for what might happen next. After two hours, she called me to take my lunch without referring to what happened before. I was served potato, fried egg and orange juice which overpowered my angry stomach.

They didn’t join me at the table but she took a glass of orange juice and sat down with the man to watch the TV. When I finished eating, she took me to the kitchen to teach me how to operate the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, bread toaster and the like. It wasn’t difficult for me because I had already watched foreign movies and documentaries where these were used extensively.

Later, she told me she would be going out with Alfred and warned me not to open the door to anyone. Immediately they left, I sat on the sofa opposite the TV and took the remote control to check the different channels available. Many of the channels were in German like ZDF, RTL and the rest were in English and other languages. I found some interesting documentaries and started watching them. The breeze of new freedom enveloped me as I began to move around the house admiring the beautiful artworks and the paintings on the wall. One thing I discovered about my Aunt was her neatness and orderliness.

After a while, I started feeling tired and I slept off on the sofa. Within one hour that I slept, I dreamt of a man who gave me money and patted my back to continue to enjoy life. When I woke up, I gave myself a pass mark for taking this decision to follow my aunt because of the good dream I had. I concluded there were no enemies in Europe to scare me again with horrible dreams. I was still meditating on the dream when my Aunt came in with another man. This man looked like Hulk Hogan, a former professional wrestler. My Aunt introduced him as Liam and we greeted each other in English.

She asked after my welfare and gave me a sim card for my phone with a warning not to give anyone my number. Liam sat on the second sofa listening to our conversation. She told me to be up early the following day to be able to enroll me in a German language school. She took me to the kitchen to show me how to reheat the pizza in the microwave for dinner and explain other helpful kitchen and food store rules. My mind cautioned me to watch my weight when she showed me different food items and goodies in the fridge and the store. After all, I was in a foreign land and my body weight should reflect my level of enjoyment.

I remembered when Johnson arrived our town with his mother from the US, he looked like a balloon but was soon deflated after the rigour of lack of basic amenities coupled with the wickedness of our own people. I remembered one of the unforgettable incidents in our town where a couple looking for the fruit of the womb were instructed by a herbalist to sacrifice three boys below 3 years. The truth came to light when they wanted to kill the third boy and they were arrested. I believed no progress could be made in any society where these atrocities are permitted or the law couldn’t be enforced.

Within one day I arrived Germany, I saw clearly the difference between the two countries. I just hoped our leaders would learn from the developed nations and adopt their good governing policies. My aunt and Liam went to the bedroom after our discussion. I began to doubt if this was my Aunt or an impostor.

“How would a normal woman be changing men like wrapper?” I reasoned within myself.

Within one hour they entered the room, I began to hear different degrees of moaning that made me left for my room without finishing the glass of water I was drinking. I stayed awake until midnight wondering the lifestyle of my mother’s younger sister born to a virtuous Grandma of blessed memory. Grandma taught me the values of keeping our bodies sacred through discipline. However, my Aunt had shown her true colour within one day I arrived in her place.

I was up early the following day to get set for my first outing with my Aunt. I discovered Liam had already left before we set out of the house. One thing that surprised me what my Aunt’s indifference attitude. I was informed to resume the following Monday in the language school. She took me around some parts of Frankfurt before returning home. We visited the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station), Willy-brandt-Platz where the Eurotower skyscraper was located and other beautiful places.

There was no visitor the following day as we were at home watching movies and discussing different topics like education, politics, sports, local deities in our town, foreign media and spirituality. We hardly dwelled on the spiritual side but focused on our common interests of entertainment, sports and adventure. We started bonding fast and the weekend was splendid as we took train to Marburg and visited some ancient places there.

I started my language class the following Monday with 12 foreign students in the class. The teacher introduced herself as Frau Gisela and asked us to introduce ourselves. The Kenyan lady sitting beside me bonded with me quickly because we were the only Africans in the class. Nadia and I became friends and exchanged phone contacts. It was as if we had known each other for a long time. She was a jovial and disciplined lady. We used to take the same U-bahn (Underground train) everyday before changing to other transport system to our houses. We began to converse little by little in German in order to perfect it.

I had started familiarising myself with our surrounding and the city of frankfurt. I was returning home one day when I saw Liam with a woman inside the tram. He asked me if Aunt Sharon was my aunt indeed and I told him the truth. He alighted with the woman one stop before my own. As I trekked to the house, I began to ruminate on that strange question from Liam.

When I entered the house, I met two strange men in the sitting room. We greeted each other and my Aunt came out of the room to welcome me. As I was about to enter my room, she asked me to follow her to the sitting room. She spoke in German with the men and then asked me to stand upright. She brought out…

To be continued in Episode 23.

Olumide Fatunsin

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