The greatest motive should be the LOVE of GOD in your heart – Pst. Ndi Njey

Your motive will push you or pull you.
Wrong motives never resist in times of the storms of life. “evil days”
The greatest motive should be the LOVE of GOD in your heart .
Paul 2 Corinthians 5:14
(For the love of Christ constraineth us)
My thoughts, actions ,and decision are guided by the love of Christ.


Should believers follow the direction of the government and public health specialists to isolate themselves from each other; or follow the Bible that clearly says we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together?
It is a valid question that has plagued many Chrsitians in this season. Everybody should just stay at home oh! Ehen!

SPONSORED: Family deliverance from bloodline demons/ evil family pattern – God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry

God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry is organising a 3 day Family Deliverance programme;
THEME: Family Deliverance From Blood Line Demons/Evil Family Pattern
DAY 1: Monday 29th June, 2020 (Time 5:00pm).
DAY 2: Teusday 30th June, 2020 (Time 5:00pm)
Teusday Vigil (Online): 11:45pm – 12:30am (30th June, 2020.
DAY 3: Wednesday 1st July, 2020 (Time 5:00pm)
Ministering: Prophet Abiola Mathew

THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 22) – Olumide Fatunsin

After I had ended the call, I went to the sitting room in order to return her phone but couldn’t find her. I began to move from one room to another looking for her until I entered a room. I froze when I saw Aunt Sharon with the man naked on the bed. I was…… Continue reading THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 22) – Olumide Fatunsin