Don’t preach or teach as if you’re fighting the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is bigger than you, and it’s bigger than every single individual – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


Don’t preach or teach as if you’re fighting the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is bigger than you, and it’s bigger than every single individual.

Some men and women have been labouring to build this Body before you came on the scene, some for years, some for decades and some for centuries.

Don’t get lost or lose the bearing of your assignment trying to call out all the fathers of Faith.

You don’t correct errors by sounding boastful and arrogant, and tagging people with all kinds of denigrating names and labels.

God didn’t send you to correct “ALL THE ERRORS” in the Body of Christ; just preach and teach THE TRUTH in love and allow the Holy Spirit to do His job.

You can’t force THE TRUTH down the throat of people. You just peach THE TRUTH in an UNCOMPROMISING MANNER and then let the Holy Spirit use it to convict the hearts of men.

People preached against tithing and called out different ministers, yet till date people are still paying tithes and they will still continue to pay tithes till the time of the Rapture (including myself).

Why can’t you settle down with your assignment and make full proof of your ministry, instead of allowing overbloated zeal masked as passionate love for the cause of Christ to make you derail.

When you start knocking the teachings of Paul and other apostles, my brother, you need a second touch from the Lord.

I’m never talking about being diplomatic or sitting on the fence here. No No No!

Be BOLD with THE TRUTH but preach it RESPONSIBLY. You don’t build the Body of Christ by sounding CONTROVERSIAL always.

Controversy is not the spirit of the Kingdom. Therefore temper your language and be guided by God’s wisdom when speaking especially about things that pertain to the Body.

Gaining ENTRY into the Body of Christ is not by fighting the fathers or attacking “everything” that people say – history is a witness to this.

No; temper your language. You’re still going very far. Don’t peg your ministry. Don’t finish your ministry without starting.

Don’t be a lone voice in isolation correcting everyone with the presumptuous feeling that everyone sees you as “Mr. Right” while every other person is “Mr. Wrong”.

There are preachers and teachers today in the Body of Christ who only need to make THIS SINGLE ADJUSTMENT, and their Word ministry will EXPLODE 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 on all fronts.

Let the Holy Spirit work on your heart and let genuine love for Christ and His people be your prime motivator for doing ministry.

Remember; you’re not bigger than the Body of Christ. You’re a part of a whole. And the Body is bigger than each one of us.


Tread Cautiously.

Speak Tenderly.

Walk Circumspectly.

Love Unconditionally.

Give Unreservedly.

Honour All Men.



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