THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 21) -Olumide Fatunsin

Aunt Sharon was there but didn’t talk about my travelling to Germany again. She began to give me excuses until the day I confronted her. She came to stay with us for some days before returning to Germany. My mother had warned me not to force her to take me along again but I insisted I had collected the visa already and it would expire soon. I began to wonder what might have discouraged her or blocked my way to glory.

I confided in my father and he promised to do something about it. The rate at which my father was growing spiritually was faster than my mother. He began to have revelations from God and bro Martins was surprised to see the manifestation of God’s gifts in his life. This drew me close to my father and aroused my curiosity to know how he got these gifts. He would replied that God gave it freely to him out of grace and mercy. He told me God had a plan for me if only I could surrender my life to him and wait for His will. I was being bombarded left and right to yield to God but I knew God’s mercy over my parents would speak for me.

Within those days Aunt Sharon was with us, my parents prayed earnestly to know the mind of God about my travelling. During one of the nights, they told me they felt I shouldn’t go ahead. It was a bombshell which made me quaked before them because I knew it must be true.

Every revelation my father received always came to pass. I tried to convince them to reason with me. I told them the visa was a sign to go ahead but they encouraged me to still wait. I withdrew and avoided them to show my displeasure. Aunt Sharon had already enrolled me in a German language school before starting my undergraduate studies. All my plans began to crumble and anger took better part of me.

One of the excuses she gave my parents was that she just lost her job and things were tight for her. I suggested my parents could source for money to sponsor me but they weren’t willing to take the risk. I cried and cried my eyes out until my mother became worried and promised to do something. Just two days before she left, Aunt Sharon changed her mind and decided to take me along. I saw the mixed feeling in my parents but they lent their support. I felt on top of the world and began to count days.

I had a scary dream the night before leaving with my aunt. I was trapped in a dark room and tortured by a strange being until I woke up. I decided not to share it with my parents for I knew what their decision would be. My mother cried and hugged me as we were about to leave while my father patted my back. He told me to remember the God who saved them and to serve Him too. Aunt Sharon took care of the flight ticket and other logistics.

We left our town through the central market where I saw one of the Priestesses at the livestock section who pinned me with her eyes as if she knew I was running away from their reach. Something struck my heart that she might have deliberately positioned herself there but I discarded it. We didn’t talk much throughout the journey as I was already dreaming of cruising through the air in an airplane and about my beautiful stay in Germany.

My parents were in touch with me for the three days we stayed in Lagos until the day we reached the airport. My mother was already missing me but my father kept praying for me that God’s will be done in my life. As for me, I knew my will had prevailed and there was no going back. I was glad troubles with priestesses, neighbours, young boys in our street and the evils that hadn’t allowed peace to reign in my life were coming to an end. When we checked in and moving toward the boarding gate, I got thrilled that my dream of travelling out was becoming a reality. When we took off, I kept muttering,

“I have overcome my enemies”

“I’m going higher over the plans of my enemies”

“No more Acampona and the scary dreams”

“No more darkness. Only brightness in my life.”

“I’m going to a land where there are no witches and evil spirits”

I enjoyed the flight and we finally landed at Frankfurt airport after some hours. Aunt Sharon continued guiding me through the airport until we took the S-bahn (light train) to the city centre and thereafter took a taxi to her house around friedrichstrasse. It was a new experience for me seeing beautiful sights unlike our town. As we entered her house located not too far away from a supermarket, I felt a warm embrace of comfort around the house. The big TV screen that greeted us could swallow up Sola, one of the sons of Mr Babajide.

When I saw aquarium at the corner, the memory of the Priestesses came to mind. They once threatened my mother of invoking the goddess of the river to strike us. I concluded the fish inside the aquarium weren’t native of my town. While I stood there savouring the beauty of her house, a white man came out of the room and hugged her.

“Hallo. Guten Morgen! Wie geht es dir?” he greeted me.

My aunt told him I didn’t understand German and told me to greet him in English which I did. She took me to my room near the kitchen. As I sat down on the bed, I began to survey the beauty of the room which was decorated with flowers, table, chair and a book shelf.

I smiled when I saw another TV in my room. In fact, the joy of being surrounded by comfort filled my heart. Later, my aunt knocked the door to pass her phone to me in order to speak with my parents. My parents were excited to hear my voice and I couldn’t contain my joy as I narrated my beautiful experience to them. They prayed for me and promised to keep checking on me.

After I ended the call, I went to the sitting room in order to return her phone but couldn’t find her. I began to move from one room to another looking for her until I entered a room. I froze when I saw…

To be continued in Episode 22.

Olumide Fatunsin

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