As God’s apostles – messengers; we must always defer to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to always help us bear in mind that we are stewards and that nothing is really ours though we have full access to the excesses of His bounty. And that in our journey of faith, and daily execution of His will, money, fame and power and the successes they bring should only pass through our hands and not touch our hearts.

One thing is clear from the short muses on money, fame and power that I have published hereon in the past few weeks: the best way to handle all three is to consistently and diligently guard one’s heart in the place of prayer. Money, fame and power are for the propagation of the gospel and not for the destruction of our souls.

It is practically impossible to move God’s kingdom on earth without power and money. For those whose God-given assignments require them to remain conspicuous in the public eye, it is impossible to execute God’s will without having to deal with fame.

So if we set our affections on the things above always, and make pleasing God always our number one priority, guard our hearts diligently, then we will be free from the snares and attachments connected to the successes that money, fame and power bring!

May we continue to use the tools in this world to execute God’s will and not get engrossed in them.

Remember, nothing else should fill your heart apart from the love of God which in turn should inspire you to love your fellow man unconditionally.

Love precedes service. Service done on the foundation of God’s love never goes wrong. The heart that is not filled with God’s love will be filled with the love of money and by extension the world. The love of money inspires unconditional service to Mammon – in which the souls of people are manipulated for personal gain.

As basic as this is, a lot of churches and ministries in our day with intercontinental reach are powered by Mammon! The name of Jesus is thrown around and slapped on everything these churches and ministries do but the Spirit of Christ is totally absent from the architecture of these Christian centres. Hence, what these centres churn out is nothing but a high voltage of ungodliness. These centres sadly litter our landscape. They can only be put out of business if we insist on yielding to the government of God and influencing others to do the same one soul at a time.

Again, it is our duty, not God’s, to keep anything that is capable of poisoning our hearts from gaining access therein. This is the core of the apostolic culture which is the infrastructure upon which any impactful apostolic work can be built. Money, fame and power should be used as resources to enhance our strategic apostleship, in getting His kingdom to come and His will aggressively done on earth as it is in heaven; and not for personal aggrandizement and decoration which will end in certain deterioration. A sure way to win by righteousness is to use money, fame and power as tools. A sure way to lose by ungodliness is to abuse them!

Let’s heed the words in the following verse of Scripture:

And those who deal with this world [overusing the enjoyments of this life] as though they were not absorbed by it and as if they had no dealings with it. For the outward form of this world (the present world order) is passing away. (1 Corinthians 7:31,AMP)

I have addressed the matter of strategic apostleship and kingdom service in my book GO INTO ALL THE WORLD

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