THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 17) – Olumide Fatunsin

He smiled at me and said, “That’s great. Would you mind if I ask you something?”

Before I could reply him, he grabbed my hand and drew me close to him. I could smell alcohol in his mouth and that really pissed me off.

“C’mon babe. I love your physique. It’s not good for you to be alone here. Let’s me show you how it feels to be with an experienced man like me…”

I struggled to get off his grip but he pinned me to the wall and kept talking and whispering to me. The way he was shivering and begging me baffled me. I knew he was ready to show his fruitfulness capacity. My mother and I attended his eight child’s naming ceremony where he told everyone present that his wife was nice and cooperating.

I noticed the faint smile on her face that day and the reason dawned on me when he asked me to cooperate with him. I had always respected him for being a workaholic and jovial man. He was always at my mother’s beck and call whenever she needed to fix anything in the house. He had sometimes repaired my father’s car free of charge and earned him a collective respect from our family.

To make matter worse, the light went off which threw the whole place into darkness. I began to beg him to release me and even promised to give him another chance the following day probably outside the house. All my pleas fell on deaf ears as he was already removing his trousers while holding my left hand with his right hand.

I knew there was no way I would escape this lion in human skin when he removed my shirt. I told him I was on my period but he said there was no problem. He wanted to do whatever he came to do and leave when the light was restored. It was even a miracle that the light was restored because it would have taken 30 to I hour sometimes before it would be restored

When the light was restored, we both looked in the direction of the main door. My mother had arrived from her trip with a distressed look on her face. I burst into tears holding my shirt. Mr Babajide began to look around for his trousers and shoes. Like a wounded lioness, she dropped her bags on the sofa and began to shout to draw the attention of our neighbours,

“Neighbours! My people ooo! There is a thief in my house… Help me ooo!”

Within few minutes, people had gathered in front of our house. My mother asked them to come and see the thief. Before they arrived, he had knelt down begging me to forgive him and tell them it was a mutual agreement. I kicked him off with my right leg and spat on him.

“Look at the thief trying to steal my treasure at this time of the day” my mother pointed at him while they hissed and ready to beat him.

My mother stopped them and questioned him to know his mission in our house.

“I’m sorry. It’s not what you are thinking… I came to see her since you weren’t around…I’m innocent… We didn’t do anything..” “He began to swear and beg them.

“Look at your pair of shoes!” One of them asked him.

He had worn them incorrectly and his trouser’s zip still wide opened. My mother asked him why he was after me after having eight children.

“Mr Babajide, this is the only child and treasure I have and you are hell-bent on destroying her. You are a wicked man. If I hadn’t arrived on time, you would have deflowered her” My mother cried in their presence.

“Ha! You mean Rebecca is still a virgin? I don’t believe it.” Mr Akin said and they descended on him with curses.

“So, you are one of those men defiling our young girls? May your generation know no peace again.” One of the women cursed him.

“No wonder you are yet to marry. Remember I once saw you with Morenike at the back of the uncompleted building around the cemetery. If she gets pregnant now, I will hold you responsible.”” Mrs Lewis warned him.

“Train and take care of your son before accusing me. Johnson is a useless boy.” Mr Akin’s response to Mrs Lewis infuriated her which led to rowdy exchange of bitter words among them.

My mother dispersed them leaving the three of us in the house. Before my mother could talk further, Mr Babajide’s wife came with her son strapped at her back.

“So you disgraced my husband despite all his good gestures toward your family. You are an ingrate. And you Rebecca, may your future husband be disgraced. Mama Rebecca, where is your husband? He is nowhere to be found. Shame on you!” She lambasted us and took away her husband like a spoilt child.

Before they left the house, my mother and I couldn’t stand her insults and began to cry. Her words were too painful for me to even welcome my mother or ask about her trip. We were deep in sorrow of heart when my phone rang. Mama Bolanle told me that my mother’s phone number wasn’t reachable. I quietly passed my phone to her and she narrated what happened to her.

Mama Bolanle arrived with her daughter later as discussed on the phone.

“Mama Rebecca, why are you so ignorant of the tactics of the devil? Did you pray before embarking on your journey to Lagos? I told you about the revelation I saw but thank God it didn’t come to pass. We are on the battlefield and the enemies aren’t resting. See, the enemies are after your family especially, your daughter and you must be vigilant.” She rebuked my mother sharply.

Bolanle sat beside me with her right arm across my back trying to comfort me. I had already changed my shirt before they arrived.

“Mama Rebecca, let me tell you something today. Any problem a believer encounters in life, the final target of the enemy is to distract him/her from seeking the face of God and to cast doubt in his/her heart. He is after believer’s soul and to hinder us from getting to heaven. We must never allow challenges of life to take us away from God. His grace is always sufficient for us” She admonished and prayed for us.

Before they left, my mother raised the issue of Mr Babajide’s wife again,

“Don’t bother about her. Human beings only wait until an appointed time before telling you what’s going on in their minds. That showed the true state of her heart. You cannot keep birds from flying over your head. but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair. So, you can’t stop people from talking. Be focused. Is that clear? God bless you.” She said as they entered into their car. Bolanle hugged me before joining her mother in the car.

When we entered the house, I went straight to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. While I was still in the kitchen, I heard my mother talking with someone on the phone.

“What?” my mother shouted.

I ran to the sitting room and saw…

To be continued in Episode 18.

Olumide Fatunsin

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