THE LEADING OF THE SPIRIT IS DYNAMIC (Lesson In Divine Guidance)!!! -PastorBimbo Animashau

Not all the LEADINGS of the Spirit are against COMMON SENSE!

I know that sounds like a bomb but that’s the pure fact!

You see, the leadings of the Spirit are not commonsensical in origin but they’re not ALWAYS against common sense.

Sometimes, they agree with the dictates of common sense and at MANY OTHER TIMES, they’re 100% against the logic of common sense.

For instance, the Holy Spirit tells you to lend a helping hand to an elderly person, now that’s in line with common sense because it tells us to respect elderly ones.

The Holy Spirit tells you to hug your wife or buy her gifts, now that’s in line with common sense because it tells us to show affection towards our wives.

The Holy Spirit tells you to sow a seed into your Pastor’s life or someone who has been a blessing to you, now that’s not against common sense because it is right to minister to those who have blessed us.

Many other examples in this area abound and most times, we don’t have issues with the Holy Spirit leading us in such manner.

So, God is not against common sense as long as we don’t promote it above the voice of God in our lives or the revelation of God’s Word.

As a matter of fact, I believe that an advanced level of divine guidance is to master the art of exercising our senses in a spiritual manner to discern what’s good and what’s evil – Heb.5:14.

I will cover this in the book, “DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY” soon to be released.

Now, when the LEADINGS of the Spirit are not against COMMON SENSE, we seem not to struggle with them; we just follow suit most times.

But when they come directly against human logic and challenge the powers of common sense, that’s when we start querying and questioning them.

For instance, someone offended you and did the worst but the Holy Spirit instructs you to put a call through to him and check on him, now that’s against common sense.

You’ve been expecting to get pregnant for the past five years and there’s been no headway, yet here’s the Holy Spirit telling you to go get baby things and materials in preparation for your delivery, that’s against common sense.

Here is an amount of money you have saved for over two years to start a business, and while you’re ready to make the move, the Holy Spirit tells you to give it to a man of God or to plant it into Kingdom project, now that’s against common sense.

I remember one of my sons who had saved up to two hundred thousand naira some years ago during his service year.

One day, I was in the bathroom when his call came in, telling me that God instructed him to gather up the savings and sow it into the ministry.

I got emotional at that point but the brother told me God had been dealing with his heart for days and he wanted to finally obey.

I eventually consented to it and God started moving in a miraculous way in his life.

Before his service year was over, he was already given a mouth-watering job offer with a Chinese Company just to resume immediately after the service was over.

God later took him from that job and gave him another job with a multinational company that paid almost thrice of what he was earning at the Chinese Company.

He took his family out of the country at a time just for an holiday and Grace lifted him.

Yet it all started with the LEADING of the Spirit that DID NOT MAKE SENSE but he obeyed.

Friends, when God’s leading is in line with common sense, follow it.

When it is against common sense, obey it. The leading of the Spirit is always perfect!

I started operating by this principle some years ago, “THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALWAYS RIGHT” and that has helped me and preserved me by God’s Grace.

Sometime ago, I was not planning to attend a meeting for some reasons which were very LOGICAL.

But around 4:30am, the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to me to attend the meeting “with my wife” – the instruction was very clear!

I told her, we planned and prepared for the meeting, got dressed and got to the meeting, and the man of God called my wife to give prophetic words in the course of the programme.

You see, the day you realize that you’re not wiser than God, that’s the day your breakthrough “begins”.

My watchword in the School of Divine Guidance is this, “THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

Several examples and testimonies of the beauty and majesty of divine guidance abound to the Glory of our God alone.

One day, I was going for a meeting, and the Holy Spirit said when I get there, I should wave my hands to minister to the people.

To the Glory of God, 163 people got filled with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues that day.

During my youth service, one night I got home very tired and physically exhausted.

I had prayed and worked through the day, so sleep was catching me VERY FAST just to hit my head on the pillow and log off.

As I laid my head on the pillow, the Holy Spirit said, “Wait”. That didn’t make sense to me because the next thing was to sleep normally.

I was so tired that if I hit my head on the pillow, I would sleep off in 3 minutes.

So I obeyed the Spirit of God, sat up to observe and in less than 15 minutes, my room was engulfed with smoke.

There was an electric spark from the socket area and cut my rug and the whole thing had started burning.

If I had slept off as at when I wanted to, it would have been a different story, but thank God for His Grace, and thank God for the Holy Ghost. Glory to God!

My dear friend, you’ve got to train and discipline yourself to obey the LEADINGS of the Spirit when they don’t make sense.

You mistakenly made a negative statement on yourself and the Holy Spirit said, “Cancel it now” but you overlooked it, saying afterall you didn’t mean bad.

We’re not wiser than the Holy Spirit friends!

You can’t follow the LEADINGS of the Spirit and regret it. Learn to always concede leadership to the Holy Spirit, for He’s our eternal Guide into the realm of reality – Jn.16:13.

And please note this; HIS LEADINGS ARE DYNAMIC!!!

The Word tells us that God at sundry times SPOKE IN DIVERSE MANNERS to the fathers by the prophets – Heb.1.1.

This means that God has different ways of communication and we have got to yield to Him per time because He leads us by His Spirit – Rm.8:14.

God has His own WAYS – Isa.55:8-9, Psa.103:7 and the WAYS of God are the HIGHWAYS of life.

The leading of the Spirit is dynamic. We can’t box Him into a corner and constrain Him to one single mode of communication.


Primarily He will lead you by the inward witness – Rm.8:16 but you must understand and master the DYNAMICS of His guidance ministry in all entirety.

By God’s Grace, for over ten years, the Holy Spirit has been developing the book entitled, “DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY” in my spirit and He has finally given the signal this morning to commence the process of publishing.

It’s divine guidance simplified! We trust God to use it to establish and integrate believers all over the world in the fundamentals and Scriptural tenets of divine guidance.

I say this with a very deep sense of humility; from twenty years of walking with God and eighteen years of ministry, it’s my humble submission that if a believer can be well aquainted with THE LEADINGS OF THE SPIRIT, he will have a leverage in the pursuit of God’s plan for him and many challenges that people face in destiny will be dealt with without making noise.

It goes to show the inevitability and indispensability of divine guidance for a believer.

Divine Leading for a child of God is not negotiable!

For now, the take home from this short exposition will be:

* Divine Leading is an integral part of the Christian life.

* God leads us by His Spirit.

* The leadings of the Spirit are dynamic.

* Not all the leadings of the Spirit are against common sense.

* You should train yourself to obey the leadings of the Spirit when they’re against common sense.

* The five human senses can be developed or exercised “IN A SPIRITUAL MANNER” to discern the will of God.

* Divine leading is pivotal to destiny fulfilment.

Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Grace Abounds!!!


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