Digital Prayerbook: Put them to shame O’ Lord


“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, And delivers them out of all their troubles” ~ PSALM 34:17 (NKJV).


1. O’ Lord, as many that fight against me for an unjust cause, Arise O’ Lord and Fight against them, in Jesus name, amen.

2. O’ Lord, as many that seek after my life, draw them into confusion that they may fall by their own sword, in Jesus name, amen.

3. O’ Lord, as many that have hidden a net for me, Arise O’ Lord for my sake, and let their nets catch them that they may fall into the destruction that they have set for me, in Jesus name, amen.

4. Any power or personality rejoicing at my adversity, O’ Lord use my deliverance to put an end to their rejoicing, and clothe them with the garment of shame and disgrace, in Jesus name, amen.

5. O’ Lord, say to my enemies ” I AM THAT I AM, I AM HIS/HER SALVATION ” that they may run into their own wickedness and be destroyed, in Jesus name, amen.

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