SPONSORED: Divine instructions concerning rape – Prophet Abiola Mathew

Prophet Abiola Mathew is the founder of God’s Glory Restoration Prophetic Ministry. He writes on the causes of the ravaging pandemic called rape, which is fast becoming a social menace.

My beloveth , my name is prophet Abiola Matthew, please let all our our parents and our children listen to these Divine instructions.

There is an alarming rate at which rape is being carried out all over the world today, and all efforts to put an end to it seems abortive ; despite the fact that the capital punishment is attached to these atrocities.



Bible says train up you child in the way he will go and when he grows up and becomes old they would not depart from it Proverb 22v6. The major problem the society is facing today is lack of home training, which is the starting point of human character development.

However, if the first step is wrongly taken, every other steps would be wrong. Most of the characters and attitude we exhibit have is direct bearing from home. An adage says charity begins at home, many parents have no time to train their children in the fear of God, hence characters like telling of lies, immorality, backbiting , cheating,morality, drunkenness , beating of your spouses, anger, bitterness , laziness, foolishness, untamed tongues, arrogant, pride , malice, unforgiven, impatient, fighting and quarreling etc, now exist in our homes

The reason for all the aforementioned characters, is lack of self control which can be inherited or acquired through emulation from bad companies. You as a parent must be able to control your sexual urge, how do you feel comfortable having sex with your spouse in the presence of your children, kissing your spouse openly in the public, women and men exposing sensitive parts of their bodies, all in the name of dressing. Some women even bring out their breast out in the public and men opened up their pants for public to see and their parents feel comfortable with them . The reason why many parents can not stop their children in doing that, is because they do the worse things in their closet.

There was a lady that came for prayer and said she was a prostitute and got enough money through prostitution by visiting herbalists in all 6 Geopolitical zones in Nigeria. She came when everything was going from bad to worse, and I asked her how she became a prostitute? She said her father was masturbating and watching her through the key hole, and that from that day, she was looking for men that would be sleeping with her. Therefore her father failed in his responsibility to train her in the way of God. There was also a young boy that wanted to be freed from the spirit of lust which always come upon him whenever he see women that dressed indescently. There is an adage in yoruba : o Ko Omo re o nkole , Omo re ti o Ko lati Ko ni yio gbe Ile ti o Ko ta. You refuse to train your children and busy building house , your children you refuse to training will sell the house you built even in your presence.

The learning process start from home and whatever that is happening in our society today is the reflection of our home. Nobody will support a rapist ,nobody will support immorality, nobody will support drunkenness, etc but what many parents are doing is worse than rape. That man and that woman you are going out with, is she your wife or your husband? you have destroyed many homes , you committed abortion for someone that ought to be your daughter, you destroy the life and destinies unborn children. Sugar daddy and sugar mummy the boys and girls you suppose to help to succeed in life you have destroyed their lives.
We need to critically looking at the causes of this virus called rape that is killing more than coronal virus in our society. You are going out with your daughter’s fiance, you are going out with your son fiancee to molest them . You are telling your daughter to deceive a man and collect his money as you do before you married and you want your daughter to follow your footstep. This is one of the major causes of rape. There are alot of men and women who rape their wives and husbands, telling them not to tell anyone. A woman narrated a bad experience from her husband, saying that her husband always wants her to swallow his sperm. This was indeed very irritating to her. All these are done for ritual purposes.

A lady was prayed for and the voice of governor speaking through her saying he slept with her and use her glory to govern a state for eight years uninterrupted. He wanted to sleep with the lady through the anus which is forbidden by God, but he succeeded in having sex with her to rule the state for good eight years.


Another cause of rape is evil inheritance from the family. 2 Samuel 11, David sent messages to bring bathsheba to him, this was an act of rape, because the woman must have been forced by the messengers before she would have followed them. Amnon raped Tamar his step sister, 2 Samuel 13 v22, my brothers and sisters this is an evil trend that started from their father David. There are also some families, where the curse of rape has been placed upon them. Some men and women in those families, cannot enjoy sex until they are raped – this is an evil inheritance. If you are in the category of such families, God shall deliver you in the name of Jesus christ.


Some people allow evil prophesies to come to pass in their lives , truly bible says perilous time will come when there would be many rapist, many humanists, many suicide bombers, many robbers, many adulterers , adulteresses, arrogance, disobedient children etc. Why must you allow evil prophesy in your life? Why must you surrender your life to satan to be used for terrorism, drugs addiction, armed robbery etc?.

I encourage you to desist from any form of evil addiction so that your life will not be used for the fulfillment of evil prophesy. There are lot of things you can do with your life that would make you relevant than stealing , raping , drunkenness and fornication etc



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