DEALING WITH LUST (Part 1) – Mo Bariki

This is one thing that every human being struggle with. I will love to establish that there is nothing wrong with sex or how we feel about it because it was created by God. It is one of the things God created ‘and He saw that it was good’. The challenge here is always ‘what to do with this feeling or urge’. God’s idea is for us to experience this beautiful aspect of our humanity in the right way.

The most important thing is that you should not feed lust. Many Christian brothers and sisters struggle with pornography especially in this era of smartphone. When you watch pornography you feed your lust. It starts little by little, you see it as just a little nudity and you think you can handle it. Nobody can handle any form of nudity or lust. That thing is sneaky, it sneaks on you and you don’t realize how far you have gone with it. This is why the bible says we should flee / run from it.

Pornography doesn’t even satisfy your lust in any way, it only heightens it. The next thing you will want to do will be to gratify and satisfy the lust. This brings many Christians into the pit of masturbation. Most young Christians will not go about looking for who to sleep with because that will be going too far. But there is this other one you feel you can get away with because you feel no one sees you, it takes place in the privacy of your room. The strength of sin lies in its secrecy. But always remember that God sees you.

For those struggling with photography and/or masurbation, I don’t want you to hate yourselves. The fact is that their are many people struggling with the same thing than you know. Many times they are even the very ones your judge yourself by or the ones you have made your standard of holiness. I said this to say that you should not let your reason for wanting to stop to be what people will say if they find out. The people you are trying to hide stuff from are also hiding stuff from you.

Your reason for wanting to break free should be your love for God. God’s grace is the only saving power. Keep your focus on God, focus more on God and he will take care of the things that boarder you.

Next, I will deal with practical steps To deal with these challenges.


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