THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 15) – Olumide Fatunsin

Suddenly, I heard a loud cry and ran outside the house to find a rabid white dog wagging its tail and barking with blood on his mouth. Lying on the floor was my mother with the wound sustained on her leg by its bite. Before I could pick her wrapper up from the floor, the dog disappeared from my sight. I knew immediately it wasn’t an ordinary dog. She was just groaning and praying for God’s mercy.

Fortunately, Mr Babajide was about to enter his compound when I saw him and I ran to him to help us. Within 20 minutes, we were in the hospital where two nurses attended to her. Still not satisfied with the strange scenario I met her, I called Mama Bolanle’s phone but she didn”t pick it. I called again and Bolanle picked it. She told me her mother left her phone at home to attend to Mrs Bolarinwa who lost her husband. Mr Bolarinwa belonged to a cult fraternity in our town and had once threatened to kill any lady who married from a particular tribe apart from ours. True to his threat, the case of two out of the mad women in our town could be traced to him. Moreover, three of his daughters married from our tribe and the last daughter who married against his wish met her waterloo on her wedding day. She died mysteriously and that made some of us to dread him. However, Mama Bolanle had made their house one of her mission fields preaching about the love of her God.
I pleaded with Bolanle to come and pray for my mother. Since the hospital wasn’t far from their house, she was there on time. Like mother, like daughter, she prayed for her healing. She began to respond to treatment and felt better thereafter. When her mother got wind of my mother’s situation, she came to visit us at the hospital. What she told my mother confirmed my speculation.

“The Priestesses meant business and we must be ready to stop them by God’s power” she declared to my mother before leaving the hospital later.

My mother still believed only prayers could solve all her problems but I knew something was amiss. I told Mama Bolanle,

“My mother is still hiding some truths. You once told us the story of Safrira and Ananas..,”

She cut in, “No, Ananias and Sapphira”

“OK Ma. Ananias and Sapphira who didn’t tell the whole truth to Apostle Paul…”

“No, Apostle Peter” She corrected me again.

Mama Bolanle didn’t talk about it until we got home. As a matured woman, she refused to raise that issue with my mother in our presence. It was after some days my mother told me she had opened up to her and promised to tell me at the appropriate time. It was a great relief to me knowing fully well there was no hiding place for the enemy like Mama Bolanle used to tell us.

The day she shared the story of Ananias and Sapphira who deceived Peter but were later exposed and died suddenly made me fear the sin of deception. That very night, I told my mother how I deceived her two years before then. To prove a point to my friends, I asked for double of the money for sport. She smiled and told me she knew about everything I did. Mothers will always be mothers.

That rabid dog incident made her to be more prayerful and sensitive. We continued to count days to my departure and were able to buy few things to take along. Aunt Sharon had already warned my mother not to waste her money in buying things for my trip. She promised to take care of me and fulfil her responsibility. I had wanted to inform Thonia too about my travelling but the strict warning made me to refrain from going beyond the boundary. We had come a long way but I made up my mind to offend her in this aspect. After all, she once travelled to London for holiday and didn’t inform me.

Some days after, a man came to inform us that my father was involved in a fraud with his business partners and was in a prison in Lagos. My mother lamented and was confused on the way forward. Mr Babajide who was privy to it advised my mother against going to Lagos but to verify the claim. My mother kicked against that idea and was determined to travel to Lagos to find out. I suspected something was wrong with the way the man presented the news.

My mother packed some of her belongings to travel the next day. She told us God had answered her prayers and must go to see her husband. We were about to retire to bed that night when someone…

To be continued in Episode 16.

Olumide Fatunsin

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