Text: 2 Timothy 3:16

Topic: The Profitability of the Word of God 1A

.. Understanding the profit and the blessing that is loaded in the Word

The Word of God is a depot of profit for man. Isaiah 48:17. The Word of God is loaded with profit for man. The challenge is many Children of God are unable to trap the profit in the Word. Many carry the Bible and do not know the profit it carries. It is not possible to know the profit the Scripture carries are exists on ordinary plain or remain an ordinary person.

What does the Bible carry?

1. The Word of God is the building block of Faith. Acts 6:7. When the Word of God increased, the outcome was obedience to the Faith. Romans 10:17, Hebrews 11:3. The availability of the Word is vibrancy and buoyancy of Faith. It is not possible to be Word-filled and not Faith-filled. Every battle of lack of Faith is basically the lack of the Word.

a. The Word instills boldness and confidence to confront and collapse the diverse challenges of life

b. The Word arrests the spell of fear and cowardice which are open doors for calamity. Job 3:25. When you increase in Word, you decrease in fear.

2. The Word of God is the sustainer of hope. When people are worded, they are hopeful. Psalm 119:149, 114. Psalm 130:5. You can’t have word and lack hope.

a. The Word provides you a concrete basis for expectation.

b. The Word of God destroys the climate of hopelessness and despair. No one can be Word-filled and at the same time hopeless.

3. The Word of God is a tonic for Joy. Jeremiah 15:16. You can’t be in touch with the Word and out of touch with Joy. 1 Thessalonians 1:6, John 1:1, Esther 8:16.

Generally speaking, light brings excitement. Anytime you see light from the Word, it turns on your joy. If you don’t want to run out of joy, don’t run out of Light. If you wait on people to be happy, you will die of depression. If you run out of joy, locate fresh light.

a. The Word of God is your trigger for excitement and exuberance (liveliness)

b. The Word of God is the therapy for depression and discouragement.

4. The Word of God is the depot of Wisdom. Jeremiah 8:9. How can you reject the Word of God and have wisdom? Matthew 7:24. Hearing the Word and doing it makes you wise. 2 Timothy 3:15. Scriptures make wise. Revelation births discretion.

a. The Word of God assists in mental sharpening. It sharpens mentality. 99% of invention in this world came out from people of this Book (Bible).

b. The Word of God assists quality decision making. When you are worded, your choices are solid.

5. The Word of God is both life and world transformer. John 1:1-5. The Bible is the basis for Western civilization. Without the Bible, the whole world will still be in the stone age. Isaiah 60:1. For ages, the Church has been the catalyst for transformation.
The first book to be printed in the world is the Bible and has remained the best seller over the years. Matthew 16:18

a. The Word of God upgrades life’s quality
b. The Word of God changes configurations and situations. Example: The wine at the wedding of Cana in Galilee

6. The Word of God is a cleanser and purifier of character and life. John 15:3, Psalm 12:6

a. The Word of God reveals the path of guilt and error that must be avoided

b. It erases and blots out stains and spots of sin and guilt. Being in touch with the Word is an escape route from Hell.

What do you do?

1. Allow the Word of God to take a central place in your life. It should not be what you add to your life after you have added other things. Matthew 6:33.

2. Determine to build your life, principles, choices, action steps around the Word. Matthew 7:24


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