THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 12) – Olumide Fatunsin

I wondered who could the man be when there was no man in the house. The voice came again,

“Open the door!”

I was almost shivering when I opened the door and I saw a huge woman who pushed me inside and closed the door. It took me some minutes before I became normal again.

“This is one of my identities. My mother initiated me into the world of the spirits and we are running to meet the target of our master” Claire told me as she sat on the bed with me.

I was still shivering when she continued revealing more about herself and her mission. The mention of her mother handing her over to the cruel master made me to realise the role of mothers in the lives of their children. No wonder Mrs Badmus, one of my favourite teachers always encouraged us, especially female students to build our character positively in order to influence our future husbands and children.

“Remember you are the main gatekeepers. The enemies know this and they will try to influence you negatively. Watch over the special keys of your character, heart, mouth and body.” She never ceased to remind us until we left school.

I couldn’t confront her but I believed my mother would be praying for me. Unlike before when she used to curse me, her mouth never ceased to utter blessings on me through her prayers. It was as if I was the reservoir where Claire was pouring her loads of mission reports into with all the fearful revelations. She revealed how her former mistress, a Pastor’s wife maltreated her and she in turn caused her husband to impregnate two sisters in the church.

“That was how I disgraced the family and the brethren forsook them. The wife has married another man leaving her former husband battling with an incurable sore in his leg.” She said boastfully.

At first, I thought she was under an illusion but I was proved wrong when she laid her hand on my shoulder. I felt a current flowing through my body. After a while, she began to laugh mysteriously and stopped abruptly.

“In our kingdom, we don’t joke with our assignments. We are focused and disciplined. Mrs Cole is my third target and thereafter I will strike another family”.

She turned to me with a fiery eyes and said,

“I wanted you to help me but your spirit is contaminated. Who are you? Who is your mother?”

I was weary of hearing those questions again. She waited patiently for me to answer her.

“My mother is a nice woman who loves her family deeply” I threw the answer at her.

She fastened her eyes on me to prove that my answer was inconclusive.

“No problem. I have revealed so much and it is mandatory you reciprocate. Is that clear?”
I knew right away that something sinister might happen if I didn’t agree. I stylishly took my phone in order to send a message to my mother to pray for me.

“If you send any message to your mother, then I will tear you into pieces” she warned me sharply.

How she was able to read my mind was beyond my comprehension. I had no power to fight this stranger and there was no way I could contact my mother. I resolved to either fight her or beg her to release me because I knew I had eaten strange meal and drunk strange concortion in my dream. In addition, here was a maid trying to force me to accept an offer contrary to my desire.

Then, she began to squeeze my hands with strange laughter while I was struggling to free my hand. The more she squeezed my hand, the more helpless I became. One of my concerns was to unravel the mystery around my life which made it easy for evil occurrences to dictate how I should live. I fell on my knees pleading with her to release and forgive me. She stopped and knelt in front of me asking for the last time,

“Will you help me?”


“To expand our network and fulfill the wish of our master”

“How? I don’t have any power to do anything. Please, allow me to go.” I begged her in tears.

She fastened her eyes on my forehead for some minutes and then declared what I have heard from some of my friends,

“Your have the power. You are unique and equipped for this assignment. You are fortified. Where were you born?”

“In my town?” I told her.

“Where exactly in your town? Who took your delivery?”

These personal questions were choking me already but she wasn’t ready to let go.

“Please, I don’t know. I’m tired of all these tortures. Release me.” I pleaded again.

“OK, I have granted your request. Our mark is already upon you. You will fulfill our mission.” She released my hand and warned me not to reveal what happened to anyone.

I nodded without looking at her and she left to attend to Mrs Cole. I came to Lagos for visa application but I had been given an offer to apply for godly family wreckers. I couldn’t inform my mother when she called later that evening. I refused to eat dinner to avoid repeating what happened the previous night. I went to bed fearing for the worst but I slept peacefully.

On our way to the park, I asked Mrs Cole whether she knew the true identity of her maid. She applied brake and turned to me to be sure of what I asked her.

“Claire? Did you see a lady wearing a mask in your dream? Did you drink concortion too?” She asked with trembling voice.

“Yes Ma’am”

Immediately I finished answering her, like a thunderbolt she began…

To be continued in Episode 13.

Olumide Fatunsin

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