THE CHURCH IN PERGAMOS – Evangelist Ogogor Ikponmwosa

THE CHURCH IN PERGAMOS (Rev 2:12-17)The Church in Pergamos did well in several areas except that they had tolerance for people teaching false doctrines.They tolerated and had those who were teaching the false doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolaitans there.What is the doctrine of Balaam?Balaam on discovering he couldn’t curse Israel for Balak told Balak to send Moabite women to lure the men of Israel first into formication and adultery and thereafter into idolatry.God judged Israel and many died for that sin.What about the Nicolaitans?Its similar to the doctrine of Balaam except that they teach liberal Christianity. You can live as you like and nothing happens to your salvation because it is still in place.The Nicolaitans had a way of trying to blend Christianity with the ways of the world. It played down on standing for a life of consecration and didn’t frown at compromise.
You could have a little of Christianity and something else.Jesus rebuked the Church in Pergamos for tolerating the people who held these two doctrines in their midst.Some time ago due to unending arguments that results when I talk against the devilish doctrine of once saved always saved, I resolved to stay away from such discussion as much as possible.But seeing the rebuke Jesus gave to the church in Pergamos made me realize that I can’t keep my mouth shut.I must keep speaking the truth along those lines despite the opposition it will attract to the post.Sincerely if you want to get opposition comments, post something against ‘once saved always saved’ and they will come at you like an army.I have told the Lord, I will speak boldly against OSAS or any other devilish doctrine as God opens my eyes to them.I won’t wait to stand before God and be blamed for not speaking out.I pray that God will help us know His will and walk in it in Jesus name amen.Shalom!

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