THE RIGHT PLUG (Episode 8) – Olumide Fatunsin

Normalcy began to set in until after a month. We were in the sitting room when four men came in carrying calabashes with red ropes tied around their left hands. Unlike before, my mother didn’t fear them but asked for their mission in her house. I had noticed her boldness since the time she began to read the Bible Mama Bolanle gave her. She seemed to enjoy reading it almost every hour of the day. She gladly opened our house for her to come and teach her the Bible.

They bonded quickly and prayed together like some actors I have watched in movies. Just like how things changed in a house on the arrival of a newborn baby, my mother threw away ungodly dvds and watched only Christian movies and listened to godly messages . Since the day she watched “Agbara Nla (Ultimate power)” by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, she fell in love with his movies and her prayer life changed.

One of the men stepped forward and said,

“The priestess wants to see you now!”

“For what?” My mother asked confidently.

The men looked at one another. The shortest among them came forward and opened his calabash and began to make some incantations while the rest hummed along.

“I cancel all your incantations in the name of Jesus!” was my own mother’s biblical incantation.

They staggered backward. I looked around them to be sure there wasn’t a rope behind them that wanted to disgrace them. She boldly confessed before them that she didn’t belong to them again and commanded them to leave.

The men wanted to make more incantations and drag her when their leader stopped them.

He told my mother plainly,

“Mama Ronke, you have stepped on cobra’s tail. Watch out for daring us!”

They left in anger and my mother began to laugh. I asked her to be careful with those people because they were behind the sudden death of Dr Bode. He was a notable medical doctor in our town. He threatened to deal with them when he was warned not to treat a boy who they said belonged to them. The news of his sudden death the following day put fear in the hearts of the people. Nobody could challenge them.

“No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper” was her boastful response. I shook my head realising my father had disappeared and here was my mother playing with dangerous serpent.

Before retiring to bed that night, Chief Kolawole called and told my mother to forget her husband and marry him.

“You are a bastard and fool of the highest order. May you and your family perish forever…” I had to caution her from cursing him but she pushed me away.

I sat on the dining chair pondering on the elements embedded in those curses. I had thought all were gone with her old life but I was mistaken. Mama Bolanle had told her to mind her tongue but it seemed she needed another touch from her God.

She went to sleep in anger and I watched a movie until around 12 midnight. I was about to switch off the light in the sitting room when I heard my mother screaming and struggling on the bed. I sprang in to know the cause. She was holding her neck as if someone was strangling her.

“Mum! Mum!!” I called her as she continued struggling with an unseen being.

I couldn’t do anything but only to fan her with an old newspaper on the table. I was about to call Mama Bolanle when she shouted, “Jesus!” and became calm.

“Mum, are you OK? Why were you screaming?” I asked her as I sat beside her on the bed.

She was sweating profusely while the temperature of the room was cool.

“A snake was around my neck ready to bite me! She said as she looked around to be sure there wasn’t any snake in the room.

All my questions fell on deaf ears while she looked around the room in fear.

She screamed again, “Snake! Snake!!” when she felt something on her leg.

“Mum, it’s your wrapper. Calm down” I tried to comfort her.

She pleaded with me to sleep with her in her bedroom. She hardly slept until the day break. She called Mama Bolanle first thing in the morning to come and see her.

“The enemy has no right to harm a child of God except there is a crack in his/her spiritual wall” Mama Bolanle declared.

My mother was still doubtful of her statement when I interrupted her.

“My mother cursed Chief Kolawole yesterday and called him a fool”

My mother eyed me but I didn’t bother. Mama Bolanle told her point blank that she opened the way for the devil through sin and that the enemy always tried to provoke children of God to cause them to sin and thereby to strike. My mother asked her to pray for her and she repented. I was watching her transformation but my own life was stagnant. I had set my hope in travelling abroad to escape the troubles in my family and town.

Aunt Sharon kept calling us and making preparation for my university education in Germany while the Priestess was adamant in pursuing my family. My mother refused to tell me the main reason.

Few weeks after while I was on my way home from the market, a man followed after me. He followed me as I took different turns toward our house. Fear gripped my heart and I began to run. He ran after me and eventually caught up with me. He was mindful of the people around too.

As I crossed the road and headed in the direction of Niyot pharmacy shop, he touched my backside and I began to follow him until we reached…

To be continued in Episode 9.

Olumide Fatunsin

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