“None of them were paid Anything to do anything on set of this film Location” – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye appreciates all casts and crew of the train

Viewed in 119,000 homes/places in less than 24hrs. And on No.4 on YouTube Trending Chart.
Brethren were empowered and inspired to do this.

None of them were paid Anything to do anything on set of this film Location. Some of them even gave and spent for the shooting. That is the Spirit of the Ministry.

I remember when our sons said they were going on film location on January 6th this year to shoot #THE_TRAIN. We were down financially. And the film they wanted to shoot was a large casts big project . The Holy Spirit ledbusnnot to discourage them from going, be cause they said the scripts had already been given out to all the casts and the schedule have been sent to all the people casts and crew involved. And we had no money on us for this project, but the boys were bent on going. So we left them alone. The Movie Directors and other Crew also were set.
Fast Forward the Tape….
People came to help.

People came with One Heart to work.
Peolne came on their own to support. The Holy Spirit brought all the people and raised huge support for the project.
Some people heard on social Media that the film Location of Evang. Mike Bamiloye”s Life Story is going on at Habitation of Faith, and they travelled and came to the set just to support.

A Team of Props Management and Costume Production ministry in Ogbomosho loaded their bus with all needed props and set items and travelled all the way down to Ile Ife on Habitation of Faith to help.
People came to help.

And the Lord anointed His People.
The Ilesha Location of the Film was a huge blessing.
The Brethren at Ilesha all rise up with one heart and did a fantastic job.
Zion and Dupe Anjoorin ( Baba and Iya Eleni) were the Casting Director and dialect Coaches at Ilesha . The Anointing of the Lord took over everything. We are grateful.
Brothers and Sisters , thank you all for releasing Yourselves to be used of God for this Big Faith Budget Movie.
After almost Three Weeks on film location of THE TRAIN, they rounded off.

And the Lord God of Heaven took all the Glory.
And the Movie was Premiered on YouTube World Cinema yesterday.
And now Trending on No.4 with more than 110,000 Viewing Places across the World under 24 hours.

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