BE ACCOUNTABLE – Bishop Isaac Idahosa

God never created man to be owner of anything but to be caretaker of His treasures.

Never play the boss in handling your material possession.

Stop thinking ownership.

Start thinking stewardship.

Sense of accountability is the platform for promotion in life.

If you don’t learn to account for where you are now, you’ll never attain the next height.

God will test you with small things before He will deliver to you big things.

Mind details in your accountability, it is a vital element to excellence.

Rather than been ruled by sense of ownership, be guided by attitude of stewardship.

Only those who act as stewards will end as custodian of true riches.

Be accountable if you want to be counted for bigger things in the future.

The moment you are no longer accountable, then you are no longer worthy of handling God’s treasures.

Beware! Never play the boss if you don’t want to end in a box.#everydayisaplus!

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