Walking in power never takes the place of having a great character – Akinola Tunde

The gifts of the Spirit are not marks of our maturity in God. The truth is that sometimes the most spiritually gifted people can have the worst character.

It is possible to speak in tongues and still backbite with the same mouth you are using to speak in tongues. It is possible to prophesy and still run down a fellow Christian with that same mouth. It is possible to be a powerful preacher and still be keeping malice with a fellow preacher. It is possible to heal the sick, cast out demons and still not be on talking terms with a fellow brother or sister.

God may be using you mightily in your church or fellowship and yet you are involved in fornication. You may be a perpetrator of fraud in your office and still be a dynamic pastor in your local church assembly.

Yes, you can manifest power and not manifest love. It is written in Black and White in the Bible that some people will say to Jesus on the last day, “Lord, we cast out demons, prophesied and did many mighty works IN YOUR NAME” and the reply they will get is “Depart from me, you workers of iniquity. I never knew you.”(Matthew 7:20-22)

Walking in power never takes the place of having a great character.

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