Dear Friend,
Please come. Advise me.
Give me some quality Counsels.
What do you think?
Do you think things can be normal again?
I am…I am just being curious…

I heard that, as at this morning, globally, 2.6million people have been officially confirmed to have contracted the Deadly Virus.
I heard that, 184,000 have already died in the world..
I heard that, as at the time of writing this letter of Request for Counsel early this morning,
197,000 people had already gone over to their own Eternity. Dead.

Friend, is it true?
I heard that USA has 849,000, confirmed Cases as at this morning, and 47,000 people had already died.
They said, too many people are getting infected and many people are dying across the world.
They said,
More than 25,000 Souls has gone into Eternity in Italy,
More than 21,000 in Spain,
More than 21,000 in France,
More than 18,000 in UK.
All these,
Within a space of 4 Months!
Souls! Souls! Too many Souls!
Crossing over to Eternity!
Many of them to face Eternity in Hell forever!

So, Friend, what do you think?
Do you think things can be normal again?

They said the effects of the Pandemic have battered the World.
They said, few days ago,
America Crude oil failed in the World Market.
They said Oil that was up to $120 per Barrel before was offered for 1 Cent in the World Market.
Is it true?

I heard that Barrels of Crude Oil have filled the ground and there were no buyers to buy them, even at that bottom price of 1 Cent per barrel.
Because every Country has been broken down by One Single Virus.
Is it True?

Few days ago,
Even In my Country,
It was announced that our own Crude oil which has once sold for between $80 to $120
Was offered for $12 in the World Market and I don’t know if they Found buyers to buy the millions of barrels.
I heard that Oil Tanker ships are stranded on the high Seas looking for country buyers of Crude Oil.

But now, all over, the OIL Market
Which majorly determines some
Nation’s national budget has fallen.

Tourism which always determine some nation’s National Budget, also fell below normal.
Many Tourist Nations are sorrowing presently.
Great Tourists Cities of The World are Empty of Foreigners.
Every person has been ordered to hide in their Homes.
It is International worldwide Lockdown!

So, Many Passenger Planes have grounded.
Many Tourists’ Cruises have anchored and cabins are vacant.

My Friend,
Can things really be Normal again?

Because, Many Nations are battling to save their Citizens’ lives.
They are spending millions and Trillions to save lives of their nationals.
They said, securing the nation’s economy can come later after the Pandemics.

My Friend,
Millions of jobs are lost already
At this Lockdown.
Millions of production engines have stopped working worldwide.
Hundreds of Thousands of Schools and Colleges are shut down.
And the compounds are growing grasses and small small forests.
Hospitals in many developed nations are full and overwhelmed with contracted Patients.

Many Medical Specialists have confessed, they never saw things like this before.
I Have seen Doctors crying.
I have seen Nurses weeping.
I have seen Frontline health workers becoming overwhelmed and perplexed at sight of dead bodies.

My Friend,
Because of this demonically orchestrated Man-made Plague,
I have seen mass Graves.
I have seen Corpses stored in frozen trucks,
Mobile freezers used for frozen foods, now used for frozen bodies.
I have seen coffins littered the grounds.
Mortuaries are full.
Cemeteries are spilling over.

And when Coffins could no longer be made for the rapidity of deaths, they used body bags.
And when individual Graves could no longer be dug, they made Mass Graves.

The technically advanced nations of the World, could not stop this Plague!
The Developed nations of the world with wonderful Health Facilities and Rapid Response Ambulances could not peg down this Plague!

Did you hear what the Director General of World Health Organization said?
He said Africa should prepare for the Worst!

He said If the Advanced Nations of the World could be so messed up by Corona,
He said if with all their sophisticated hospitals and medical facilities, they could look like tree being tossed to and from by the Storm of this Plague,
He said, Africa, with her poor Medicals, and
Obsolete health facilities and
Unhygienic environment, should be ready to face a sorrowful dirge at many grave yards..

Do you think things can be normal again?
Do you think The World can still hold World Cups and World Olympics again?
Can our airports be full of travellers again?
Can we trust each other for an embrace and joyful bear hugs again?
Can life be normal again after this Lockdown?
Can one sneezes peacefully again and concerned people around would greet “God bless you!”?
When shall this mournful Sabbaticals of the World be over?

There is nothing God can not do.
I remember when Lazarus also was Locked down in the Tomb for four days.
It was Jesus Christ they called upon to come and set him free.

He made the Whole World.
If the Devil and Plagues and Pestilence have dented the Whole World,
If He is called to Help.

When the Wine was finished at the Wedding of Cana of Galilee,
It was Him they called.
When there was a huge storm over the Sea of Galilee,
and the Boat was in Tempest.
And the Disciples were frightened and seem hopeless.
It was Jesus they called to Still the Storm.

So, when I heard of Police officers on the Streets of a European City clapping their hands in Praises and Choruses,
I smiled relief.

When I saw massive numbers of people kneeling down in Penitent Prayers in a city square in a Latin American Nation,
I glad.

When I saw a major road in Brazil, lined up on the sideways by Citizens on their knees with their hands raised up in Prayers of Supplication to the Manufacturer of the Universe,
I rejoice.

But when I read that China has Banned the Streaming of All Church and Christian Programs Even during This deadly Pandemic,
I marvel.
I shiver.
I wonder.
That the place where this whole Deadly Pandemic originated from
Has turned their back against the Lord GOD Who can save the World Ship from Sinking.

God we are Sorry.
God we repent.
God, Please, Visit us with Mercy Again.

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