1. Understand what God is trying to pass accross in this season, because in every storm there is a kingdom advantage, there is also a message of correction for a re-positioning.

2. Having taken the message, the first prayer should be the prayer of repentance. When Jonah saw the storm, he understood what the message was, he cried unto God for mercy first of all…without blaming anyone or rebuking the storm( rebuking the storm without understanding the message behind it cannot be effective). When God sent a plague against Israel because David numbered the people, he understood the reason for the plague and cried for mercy, he didn’t rebuke the plague first….. God had mercy and the plague ceased.

3. Make a resolution to get the error corrected. Jonah 2:9. After crying for mercy, he resolved to pay his vow which was to return to Nineveh.
Could it be that most of us have veerd off His will?….then it’s time to take a decision to return.

When God had what Jonah’s response was, Himself passed a judgment in favor of Jonah by commanding the fish to vomit Jonah. That command ended the quarantine. The end of this quarantine is largely dependent on our response to what it’s communicating. Jonah was not just willing to get out of the quarantine because he was missing his friends in Church, the hot praise and worship, the tourists centers, international trips etc….he resolved to go back to Niniveh to pay his vow which was the great commission. What is reason for our eagerness to get out of quarantine….is it for business as usual?

If we draw a lesson from here, we as the Church of God must resolve to go all out for global awaking and evangelization…as soon as God sees this, I can guarantee you that the quarantine will be over the next second. I’m very optimistic that many Churches are learning a lot from this lockdown… Once God passes His judgment in our favor, no power can hold us back. I’m not in any way saying that before now, there are no Churches doing mission….not at all. God will always have the remnants but He doesn’t just want only the remnants in His will but the whole body of Christ.

I see God coming shortly to declare a judgment in our favor, in Jesus name.

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