Episode 3: Who is to blame? -Awe Hilary

One day, Dave embarked on a journey of no return. Dave was an orphan, the first born from a family of ten (10) children. He had four(4) brothers, and five (5) sisters, and they lived in one of the slumps in Lagos state, Nigeria. The death of his parents left him with no choice than to cater for nine (9) siblings. Without a sustainable means of livelihood, Dave resorted to begging as a means to take care of his siblings.

On that fateful day, Dave could not endure to see his family die of starvation, owing to the fact that he could not provide for his siblings for three (3) consecutive days, as those he approached for help complained of not having enough to spare, due to the poor economic situation of the country. He however resulted to self help, by stealing food items from a nearby store, but unfortunately for him, he was caught.

The store owner screamed at the top of her voice, Thief! Thief!! Thief!!! which prompted nearby neighbours to rush to the direction of her voice. Suddenly David was surrounded by a large number of people including both men and women. The store owner narrated her ordeal to the crowd, and her explanation got the crowd angry.

Suddenly, some group of young men led by Akin dragged Dave out of the woman’s shop, and started assaulting him with different objects ranging from bottles, stones, sticks, while others resulted to verbal assault. Dave cried out to the crowd, saying “please help me! help my family! We have not eaten for days, I could not watch my family die of starvation, this is why I did it, please forgive me, save my life”, but the crowd paid deaf ears to his plea for mercy.

Akin raised his voice saying ” he must die! we can’t allow a thief to live, he must die!!”. Then the young men were encouraged to descend on Dave with the highest level of brutality. While Dave was giving up the ghost, he cried to God, saying ” Jesus I am very sorry for what I have done, please forgive me, wash me with your blood, and receive me into your bossom”, then his spirit left his mortal body. The mob did not stop, but set his corpse ablaze. While the corpse of Dave burnt, suddenly the police arrived shooting into the air, but it was too late for Dave. The crowd scampered for safety including Akin, until suddenly while Akin ran, he was hit by a stray bullet on the head, and he fell to his death.

The spirit of Dave, and Akin left the earth, and found themselves on a queue waiting till they got to the Angel standing at the gate of Heaven.

The following conversation ensued between the Angel at the gate of Heaven, Dave and Akin.


DAVE: I’m here my Lord

ANGEL: Welcome home Dave, for the Lord has heard your prayer and washed you with His blood before your spirit proceeded out of the earth.

……..Dave shouted with excitement, THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS!!

ANGEL: Dave proceed immediately, for your Father awaits you.

…..Dave runs through the entrance of the gate, and he meets the saints rejoicing and shouting Hosanna unto the highest!!!


AKIN: Sir, is that not the man that just robbed a store, and was killed, why did you allow him into the gate of Heaven?

ANGEL: Akin, who are you to judge? haven’t you heard or read that judgement is for the Lord?

……..Akin kept quiet

ANGEL: Have you also not heard or read, that thou shall not kill?

…….At this stage, Akin is numb and shaking

ANGEL: What about the word of the Lord that says, Vengeance is Mine, Answer me!

AKIN: Sorry sir, I shouldn’t have done it, please forgive me!

ANGEL: Depart from my presence and proceed to the gate of hell where you belong. Depart Now!


Most times on our streets, we see people exerting judgement by taking the life of a fellow man because he committed a crime. We become too impatient to allow the law take its course, and we feel gratified that justice has been done through the illegality of murder.

In the book of Mathew 5:17-19, Jesus Christ says, “Do not think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets? I did not come to destroy but to fulfill”. He also gives the assurance in thesame verse that not one jot or one tittle will pass from the law until all is fulfilled.

One of the commandments given by God to Moses for the children of Israel, states thus;

“You shall not murder ” (NKJV).

To take the life of anyone willingly, is a grave sin, irrespective of whatever such person might have done. It is not in your place to decide whether he/she lives or not. When you kill, you are a murderer, and in danger of Judgement (Mathew 5:21).

Akin and the mob are classified as murderers, because they did not just break the law of Nigeria, they also broke the law that Jesus Christ came to fulfil, hence they are guilty and in danger of judgement. Akin paid a costly price for his action by spending his eternity in hell.

This is a clarion call to everyone who takes pleasure like Akin in committing the illegality of murder to exert a death sentence on a perceived criminal, to desist from such acts, because you sin against God and against the law of the land, hence you are in danger of spending your eternity in hell like Akin, if you do not repent.

God bless you.

#SayNoToExtrajudicialKillings #WhoIsToBlameSeries #TheMessenger

C 2020

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

9 thoughts on “Episode 3: Who is to blame? -Awe Hilary

  1. Hunger shouldn’t be an excuse to steal,its more honourable to beg your neighbour food than to steal.The holy bible condemns this evil act. Dave is so lucky to make heaven because he made judicious use of the last moment on earth to cry to God to forgive him and also Dave accepted and repented from the sin of stealing with a humble heart, that was why God Almighty had mercy on Dave.Akin was so full of life that he thought he had million days and times for him to repent from all his sins,but he never knew he was going to be cut off during the scene of Dave’s brutality for stealing. My brethren let’s live every single moment of our lives as if it’s the last of our lives and be prepared for rapture.God bless you all.

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  2. “Judge not, that ye be not judged”-Matthew 7:1. It took me several personal life experiences to understand how deep this message is. I could confidently tell what I would do if I were faced with a certain situation in life until life began to humble me. You can imagine how I felt so self-righteous until life happens. This happens to most of us and this is the reason for Matthew 7:1. David has himself to blame because his action was wrong. Luckily, David died as a repentant sinner. Akin met his unfortunate death unexpectedly but, he has himself to blame as well for judging and taking laws into his own hands (another wrong action). It’s not right to act on a wrong with another wrong.

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  3. Knowing Christ changes everything but living by d standard of d world exposes u to danger at all times. Is there n church in d land? Did they run to God n God turned His face away from them? Serve God. Throw ur self into His work. Do it diligently with clean heart n God will visit u n send u help from above. Stealing I’d demeaning. Why should a prince steal? Our Hod is d king of kings, why should I demote myself? And for those who take law into their hands to pronounce judgment on people without allowing relevant authorities do their job, judgment awaits u. Those that live by d sword die by d sword. Judgment on earth n in d hereafter await them. Receive Jesus n let ur life change. Jesus is a life changer!.

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