Apart from the church at home, there is a great move of God going on in nations of the world. The church behind the wall is now on the street where policemen in my country of residence (Spain) are now leading ppraise and prayer on the street.
I saw a couple of videos from other nations too. At the hospital, there is a major revival as well health workers turning to the Lord repenting and crying for mercy and help. Patients are not left out as many are calling out to the God if heaven and Earth. God is moving greatly in the midst of all these, families turning to God at home.
Religious leaders and congregation finding God genuinely in solititude, God restoring homes and bringing gifts out in children…so many discoveries. Online ministry is thriving, I see God humbling us all. Those who can’t lead prayer/worship for 2-3 person in church/program are now doing so at home now. Surely God is the MIDST of this. Hallelujah!!

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