We have become a society that glorifies relationships above truth – Pastor Poju Oyemade

In the Instagram live chat I had with Rev Matthew Ashimolowo, I gleaned from an answer he gave why corporations in this clime struggle to be transgenerational. Hardly will you find companies lasting three generations.

He made a point saying the selection process for those who will occupy strategic positions are based on sentiments rather than capacity.

Pressure from people cause men to appoint people into positions based on emotional attachments rather than experiential knowledge and ability to deliver results.

Unqualified relatives, sentimental attachments, tribalism and prematurely placing ones offspring into the highest positions without due process.

No matter how good the idea or product, if the selection of talent is mis managed the organisation will die from within.

We live in an environment today where relationships are exalted above the truth. The issue is my relationship with the person concerned rather than what is the right thing to do.

A society or organisation that suppresses the truth within their consciences in order to protect or promote people they are in relationship with will allow a cancerous cell to grow within until it destroys everything.

There is still a scripture that says faithful are the wounds of a friend. That what someone did hurt your feelings doesn’t mean they hurt your life they may just be the ones who have helped you the most.

An error only becomes a mistake that destroys destiny when you are surrounded by people who won’t say the truth which will hurt your feelings.

We have become a society that glorifies relationships above the truth. Jesus said if you will not hate father, mother, sister…. for my sake you are not fit to follow me. Truth must be ranked higher than friends, family or other relationships.

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