Approximately 30 years ago.
In 1990, our Ministry travelled to Kano on Drama Mission Outreaches.
It was the Second Time we would go on Mission Trip to Kano for a whole month.
So we called it Kano 2.
For we had been there the previous year, 1989,
And that was Kano 1.

Then, among the Drama we were staging in Churches then was a particular one.
It was very sensational and touching.
Wherever it was staged,
There would be pool of tears
In the Congregation.
Was a very strong drama on catching the Children for God very early.

Because we had been in Kano
the previous year,
and there had been a mighty move of God as we went about Almost all the Churches in Kano with our drama.
So when they heard we were coming again this time,
There was much preparations.

The Evening we were to present CATCH THEM YOUNG again,
We saw a large production Crew with cameras on tripods positioned around the Drama Stage to record the Drama.
We didn’t know where they came from.

To us it was a great achievement, so I went Backstage and Informed my brethren of the Presence of many Video Cameras.
We encouraged ourselves that we would act very well that night and do our best.
I told the brethren:
“Speak aloud very well because of the camera….!
This is a special evening o!”

And all through the ministrations the cameramen were recording.
After the ministrations,
We didn’t see them again.

The next day in another venue, we were to stage another drama,
Before we got there,
They had arranged their Cameras on tripod again and stood by to record the Drama again.
We were happy and we acted that one to with all our heart that night.
After they came to us, greeted us, shook our hands and left.

Backq home that night,
Our host, a business man in the city, came to us and asked if we knew the Crew,
We told him we didn’t know them, we just saw them recording.
Then, he sat us down and lectured us about business.
He told us we should stop them.
He told us we should seize the other things they had done.
He told us, they would duplicate the tapes and begin to sell and make a lot of money out of us.
He told us that was foolishness on our part.

After he had gone,
We were confused.
Over the night,
I prayed over the matter with a troubled heart and asked God what He wanted us to do.
My Father talked to me later during the Prayers in the night.
I heard His Voice in my spirit.
He said what gave us a Critical ministerial Direction since then.
He said to me:
“Don’t Stop Them. Allow Them. Let them record and let them sell the tapes.”
Then, My Father now gave a bombshell:

And that has been our guide since then.
That Statement has guided our mindset about our Drama Ministry since then.
That One Night With .you Father has released into our life the Compass.
That was it.

The next morning, during our Prayer and Word meeting that usually lasted up to four or five hours. I told .you. retrenchment what the Lord said. I repeated what He told me, that we should allow them free hand.
That the More our Message Spread, the more we would be blessed.

So, that evening, we were at another Ministration Venue.
As Usual, they were there before us with their gadgets positioned to record another Drama Title.
I had sent a brother to them to collect their their office address.
And our Host was also around to watch another drama our ours.

This time, I went on stage to do the Introduction of the Drama myself.
After saying some things about the Drama we were to present, and I now announced:
“All the Drama we have been presenting since three days, are now beautifully recorded.
Please, if you need copies of the Drama, contact the Production Crew after, or go to their Office Address……”

The Production Crew were amazed.
Our host was surprised.
We were so satisfied in our heart.

The next day, they handed to us a copy each of the drama they have recorded.
We borrowed a video player from somewhere.
We sat down in our place,
All of watching the Video of our Stage Acting for the first time in our life.

It was the Video Copies they gave to us that became the Master Tapes from where we made copies of our Stage Drama for sale wherever we went for Drama ministrations.

That was how we began to sell the tapes of our stage drama at Ministration Venues.

And then the Covenant Words the Lord gave to us became our guiding light in ministry:

We began to look for every opportunity to spread the Message.
We knew it would be to our great Disadvantage,
If we began to hide or hoard the Drama Messages the Lord give to us.
We knew we would not be blessed if we don’t push out any drama or movie message the Lord committed into our hand.
And we knew we would be working against our blessings, if we don’t look for multiple harvests of Souls with any Drama or Movie the Lord gave to us.

That was why we felt compelled to begin to send our movies to TV Stations.
That was why we knew it is to our continual Blessings to put our Movies on YouTube and other social media.

And that was why we chose to go for Crusades and Outreaches for Movie Premieres instead of going tk the Cinema Halls with limited Sitting Capacities.

And has the Word of God. Even true?
Have we been blessed as the Message Spread around?
And the Drama and Movie Messages shall continue to spread further to the corners of the earth.

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